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Why and How to Use Marijuana Patches

Marys Medicinals CBD marijuana Patch

Whether you are looking for a discreet way to maintain your high throughout the day or you are interested in a more efficient, natural path to pain relief, marijuana patches offer the discerning cannabis consumer an alternative to smoking, vaping, or eating edibles.

But how do marijuana transdermal patches work? And how can you find the right patch and dose for your needs? 

Why Use Cannabis Patches?

A marijuana patch is what you get when an angel falls in love with a temporary tattoo. Simply peel off the backing and place the patch on your skin for an easy, discreet and long-lasting flow of THC or CBD.

Because transdermal marijuana patches deliver the cannabinoids directly into your bloodstream, they are more efficient than smoking or ingesting edibles. A 10mg patch can produce a stronger effect than a 10mg edible, and you avoid many of the unwanted side-effects that come with smoking:

  • You may be too busy to find time to smoke
  • Maybe smoking is prohibited in or around your apartment
  • You might worry someone will smell marijuana and make an unfair judgment about who you are or how you live your life.

And while you don t have the same range of strain-specific options in patches that you get with flower or concentrates, the ease-of-use, long-lasting results, and discreet effects are well worth it for many consumers. One CBD patch can last up to 12 hours, delivering pain relief and a soothing calm to help you relax and make the most out of your day. 

How Do I Use a Marijuana Patch?

Just peel off the back and apply the patch to your skin to begin feeling the effects. Most consumers choose a location that will be covered by an article of clothing but that is easy to get to if they wish to remove it at any point. The shoulder, forearm, thigh, back, or abdomen can all work.

If you’re worried about getting too much CBD (or THC if you’re using a THC patch), you can cut the patch in half or into quarters for a smaller dose. If this is your first time using a cannabis patch, treat it like you would treat edibles: start with the smallest recommended dose. Even if you know you want a stronger or faster dose, try to avoid the temptation to place the patch on your face. It won’t be any more effective and it makes the patch somewhat less discreet. Unless you’re going to a Nelly convention, of course. Then you should be fine.

How Do I Know Which Patch I Should Use?

Because of their long-lasting effects, many consumers prefer high CBD or 1:1 CBD/THC patches. THC patches are available at some recreational marijuana dispensaries, but the constant flow of psychoactive cannabinoids can be overwhelming for new consumers.

We recommend trying a CBD patch from Mary’s Medicinals as a starting place. And if you have questions or you’re debating whether to try a patch or a cannabis topical or cream, stop by Karing Kind in North Boulder and speak with one of our award-winning budtenders (BoCo Gold for Customer Service) for help finding the right product.

What If I Don’t Want to Feel the Effects for the Full 8-12 Hours?

As with smoking or consuming edibles, the effects of marijuana patches can last hours after you have removed the source of cannabinoids. You can always remove the patch if you wish to feel the effects less strongly or for a shorter period of time. It should be noted, however, that you may not be able to reapply a patch and get the same efficacy after it has been applied to and then removed from the skin.

What’s the Difference Between CBD Patches and a Topical Cannabis Salve?

While CBD patches can offer longer lasting effects, cannabis topicals offer localized pain relief without the psychoactive effects that can come with using a THC or THC/CBD patch.

The cannabinoids in topical creams – like those from Aliviar, Dixie, or Escape Artists – affect the body s CB2 receptors without entering the bloodstream, keeping your mind clear while delivering marijuana-powered relief to sore muscles, inflammation, headaches and other pains. Cannabinoids from marijuana transdermal patches, on the other hand, enter the blood stream even more efficiently than smoking, vaping, or eating edibles.

Can I Drive While Wearing a Patch?

No! Marijuana patches, particularly those with THC, can affect your ability to think and react in just the same way smoking or eating cannabis-infused edibles would. You should not try to operate your vehicle while wearing a cannabis patch or while feeling the residual effects after removing a patch.

Pick Up a Marijuana Patch at Karing Kind

Cannabis patches provide long-lasting effects without broadcasting your marijuana use to the rest of the world. Unless you put the patch on your face, which we already advised against.

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