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Boulder Dispensary Loyalty Rewards

Photo by Meghan Schiereck on Unsplash

Earn With Every Purchase

We’ve teamed with Alpine IQ to bring our guests more rewards, better service, and greater control over every aspect of their Karing Kind member experience!

Whether you are a text follower, a loyalty member, or both, you’re going to love what we have in store:

  • Earn loyalty points with every purchase
  • Get bonus points and rewards for writing reviews or completing short 1-min surveys
  • Receive better deals on the products you love
  • View your loyalty points online or from your phone
  • Learn about premium drops before other guests
  • Use loyalty points for discounts when ordering in-store or online
  • and so much more!

How Do Dispensary Rewards Work?

Earning Boulder dispensary rewards is as easy as providing a valid phone number (and an email address to ensure you can access your digital wallet).

Seriously, that’s it.

Every time you shop, just enter that same phone number and you’ll earn points for every dollar you spend before tax. Those points can be used for cash (up to $60 off your order), free merch, discounted cannabis products, and more!

*Please note that loyalty points cannot be combined with other offers.

How Do I Earn Points?

There are two easy ways to earn points every time you shop at Karing Kind:

  1. Buy weed
  2. Tell us about your experience

Every pre-tax dollar you spend earns loyalty points. Just enter your loyalty number at checkout (online loyalty rewards coming soon) or tell your budtender at the store during checkout.

After each order, scan your receipts QR codes to access a quick 1-minute survey asking you to rate your experience with us. If you decide to participate, we’ll send you 20 extra rewards points for your time.

And keep your eyes open for limited-time offers for double or even triple points on your favorite products!

How Do I Check My Points?

You can check your loyalty points and see available rewards for all your favorite items from any internet connected device.


Find the Karing Kind App in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and use your phone number to log in and see your point balance on the home screen.


Visit the digital wallet sign-in page or click the button below.

You’ll be asked to provide your loyalty phone number or email for confirmation. To avoid this extra step, you can add the Karing Kind digital wallet icon to your phone, just like an app, for fast and direct access moving forward. See details below.


Signed up for Karing Kind text messages? Just respond to the last text with the word “WALLET” to receive and update on your loyalty point balance.

  1. Visit your digital wallet on your phone or computer (you’ll need to sign in with your phone number or email the first time).
  2. In your digital wallet, click the “Add app to home screen” banner.

Some browsers play nicer than others with the Karing Kind app. If you don’t see the app, try connecting to your digital wallet through Safari or Chrome. If you no longer see the “Add app to home screen” banner in your digital wallet, don’t worry. You can also find the option to add the app icon from the “Up” arrow on your iPhone, or the menu icon (three dots in upper right corner) on Android.

  1. Stop by Karing Kind at 5854 Rawhide Ct in North Boulder
  2. Ask your budtender how many points you have and what rewards you’ve already earned
  3. OR scan the QR code at the register to view your digital wallet from your phone

How Do I Use My Points?

Redeeming loyalty points for discounts and free gifts has never been easier.


  1. Stop by Karing Kind at 5854 Rawhide Ct in North Boulder
  2. Pull up the discount in your digital wallet on your mobile device.
  3. When you get to the register, show the discount to your budtender and hit the “Redeem In-Store” button.
    IMPORTANT: wait to hit the “Redeem In-Store” button until you are at the register!

If you don’t have a mobile device or can’t access your digital wallet, simply tell your budtender your phone number and they can pull up all available rewards for you. As mom always said, “When in doubt, ask a budtender.”


  1. Browse our online menu
  2. Click Log In from the top right corner of the I Heart Jane menu
    (make sure you add your loyalty phone number to your I Heart Jane account)
  3. When viewing your cart, sign into your rewards account just above the “Proceed to checkout” button
  4. Once signed in, you can choose from any available rewards in your digital wallet directly from your cart in our menu

Please note that loyalty points cannot be combined with other offers either in store or online.

How Do I Join Karing Kind Rewards?

To become a Karing Kind loyalty member and start earning discounts and giveaways at our North Boulder dispensary, you can…


Visit our membership page to learn more. From that page, you can also sign up for our weekly emails to receive additional savings and the latest cannabis news straight to your inbox once a week.

Or click the button below to jump straight to our text & loyalty membership form.

To ensure you always have access to your digital wallet, an email is required to sign-up for our cannabis loyalty rewards. Please note that you are NOT signing up for our weekly emails unless you specifically do so elsewhere on our website.


Download the Karing Kind App from the Google Play or Apple App Store and create an account using your phone number or email.

Follow the above “Sign Up Online” steps from your mobile device OR text ‘join‘ to (303) 647-3410 to opt in to our text and loyalty program directly from your phone.


You can also sign up in under one minute at Karing Kind recreational cannabis dispensary in North Boulder by speaking with a budtender or scanning the QR code posted at each checkout register.

Can I Refer a Friend?

You can! And you should!

Because once the Friend has accepted their invitation to join the loyalty club, a $10 Referral Discount will be added to your wallet*

From your digital wallet or Karing Kind app, select the “Refer a Friend” tab. Here you’ll find your unique referral link to share directly with a friend. Or you can cast a wider net by sharing across Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.

*You must already be a loyalty member to earn free referral rewards. The referred member must join Karing Kind’s loyalty program and text membership and make their first purchase in order to receive the offer.

Photo by on Unsplash

Dispensary Rewards FAQs

Find out how to get the most out of our loyalty rewards program. Save more. Spend less.  

Will I keep my existing loyalty points?

Yes! If you were an existing Karing Kind loyalty member before Apr, 2021 we automatically transferred your existing points to our new system.

What rewards are available?
We’re constantly introducing new rewards for our loyalty members, from $ and % off to BOGO deals, penny joints, bonus loyalty points, and everything in between.

To check what loyalty rewards are available for our North Boulder members…

  • visit our sign-up page to see a partial list of available rewards
  • stop by our North Boulder dispensary location and speak with a budtender
  • sign into your digital wallet (existing members only) to see a complete list of all current rewards you’re eligible for

While many of our rewards are evergreen, we regularly introduce new and seasonal discounts and giveaways to keep things spicy and say thank you to our most frequent shoppers. So be sure to check each text message we send.

Can I see available discounts online?

Absolutely! Sign into your digital wallet or fire up your Karing Kind app to see a complete list of our standard loyalty discounts and the points you’ve already earned.

What do Karing Kind texts look like?

Unfortunately because telephone carriers view cannabis as an illegal product we are limited with what we can say via text (even to our loyalty members who requested these messages).

From now on, we will include a link where we will put all of the latest product spotlights, premium drops, and events. And every text we send will be simple and non-intrusive and include clear instructions to opt out:

You have a new Karing Kind notification: [short link to see the full text/new reward] Reply STOP to optout

Clicking the link in your text message will load the full reward details.

Even with these extra precautions, some carriers are blocking messages to loyalty members. There are two steps you can take to ensure you receive all our messages:

1. Use this link to add your email to your account:

Even if you already filled this form out, it will ensure you are always able to access your digital wallet. And we’ll only send an email as a last resort if we can’t text a deal we think you’ll love.

2. Add the digital wallet to your home screen next time you log in. This grants you fast and easy access to your digital wallet without having to receive a text or email link each time.

How many texts will Karing Kind send?

We work hard to limit the total texts you receive. Our goal is to share the best deals and rewards on the products you love. If you tell us you love flower, we’ll send you deals on flower. If you never buy edibles, you won’t hear about them.

The more you use your loyalty rewards, the better we can tailor our texts to your preferences.

What time does Karing Kind send texts?

We keep our texts to our standard business hours only, typically between 9am and 5pm. And we will NEVER text before 8am or after 8pm, so no need to silence your phone on our account.

Can I earn loyalty points without receiving text messages?

Yes! You can still earn loyalty points if you opt out of our text program.

Because we notify our members of exclusive deals, premium drops, and loyalty-only discounts via text message, we encourage you to stay connected through our texting program, our weekly email membership, or by checking your digital wallet anytime you’re planning a trip to the dispensary.

How can I update my text preferences?

Getting the most out of our Boulder dispensary loyalty program starts with you. Tell us about the cannabis products you love and we’ll make sure we only send deals and updates on your favorites.

We’re constantly working to improve our communication and we promise not to text too early, too late, or too often. But if you don’t want any texts anymore, no problem. Just reply ‘STOP’ the next time you receive a text from us.

What if I want to leave the loyalty program?
You can choose to stop receiving texts but keep earning points OR leave our loyalty program entirely any time.

To keep earning loyalty points but stop receiving texts, simply reply with ‘STOP’ the next time you receive a loyalty member text message. If you prefer to leave the program entirely, contact us to let us know, and we’ll get you removed within seven days.

Please note that leaving our loyalty program means your loyalty points will be deleted and cannot be retrieved if you change your mind and rejoin later. So make sure you use up your points before going.