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Our Commitment to Cannabis & Vape Safety


Karing Kind has been committed to 100% pure cannabis and cannabis products since we first opened our doors in 2014. Our approach is simple: we want to provide the same quality we expect for our own family to our extended customer family.

We were devastated to hear about the people harmed by illicit vaping products or cartridges that use cutting agents or fillers. And we know that with a lack of oversight in the vaping and cannabis industries, it is the manufacturers and dispensaries who must be committed to consumer safety and high-quality vape products. That’s why pure products, transparency about our methods, and customer education have always been our top priorities. Whether we’re talking about Karing Kind strains, Karing Kind Labs extracts, or third party concentrates and edibles, our dedication to customer safety is second to none.

We never use any fillers or cutting agents in any of our products. None of our vaporizer cartridges contain PG, PEG, MCT, VG, Hydrocarbons, acetone, Vitamin E acetate, or alcohol of any kind. The only ingredients used during extraction and processing of our concentrates are carbon dioxide and pure, clean-grown cannabis.

Our vaporizers were designed to provide the cleanest, purest vapor possible. Unlike some products on the market, our proprietary vape pen technology was developed to work specifically with cannabis oil. We have always invested in the highest quality materials for our products, and every component used in our refillable and disposable vaporizers is tested for contaminants and heavy metals.

Our extracts start with the highest quality flower grown right here in Boulder, Colorado and using only the best available, environmentally friendly methods and ingredients. During extraction, we use natural CO2 to provide the purest possible oil without any chemical residue (like you might find with butane or ethanol extraction).

Every batch of cannabis oil we produce is put through the most rigorous testing available. We even test for contaminants not required by Colorado law to ensure our customers always receive a clean, pure dose without any chemicals or toxins.

Karing Kind has always been committed to customer safety, and we remain dedicated to providing our shoppers and retail partners with clean, pure cannabis products that exceed state and national safety standards.