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Boulder County Carbon Conscious Certified

Carbon Conscious Cannabis

We’re honored to partner with Boulder County and the Cannabis Conservancy to help launch the Boulder County Carbon Conscious Certification (BCCCC) program.

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Blueberry Headband (Strain Review)

Hybrid THC: typically 18-22% Effects: calm, energetic, happy, hungry Flavor: skunky, earthy, lemon-blueberry Genetics: Blueberry x Headband A combination of physical and mental effects and

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Gelato Cake Indica Strain Karing Kind

Gelato Cake (Strain Review)

Indica THC: typically 18-23% Effects: sleepy, relaxing, hungryFlavor: sweet, fruity, lavender Genetics: Gelato #33 x Wedding Cake With strong sedative effects that can last hours,

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Lemon Skunk Trichomes

Lemon Skunk (Strain Review)

Sativa THC: typically 15-22%, can range up to 32% Effects: uplifting, unfocused, calmingFlavor: skunky, sweet, lemon Genetics: award-winning descendant of two tangy lemon Skunk phenotypes

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