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Carbon Conscious Cannabis

Photo by Meghan Schiereck on Unsplash

Making Our Green Industry… Greener

At Karing Kind, we’re proud to put our customers, community, and environment first.

It’s why we don’t take shortcuts. Not in our grow methods. Not in our extraction lab. And not in our store operations.

We understand that it is up to us to promote greater consumer education, environmental awareness, and social justice in the industry. And we’re honored to partner with Boulder County and the Cannabis Conservancy to help launch the Boulder County Carbon Conscious Certification (BCCCC) program.

What Is Boulder County Carbon Conscious Certification?

The legal cannabis industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years as more new states have voted to legalize both recreational and medical adult-use. Unfortunately, growth in our industry has outpaced environmentally conscious growing methods for many cultivators. We realized there is a dire need for accountability within the current cultivation market in regards to the carbon footprint of cannabis operations.

Boulder County and Colorado as a whole are already experiencing the costly effects of climate change. The time is now for bold action, and so the BCCCC was created.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

As a dispensary and a cannabis cultivator, Karing Kind is fighting climate change in Boulder County on two fronts.

First, we are committed to reducing the carbon footprint from our grow, with the goal of becoming completely carbon neutral within three years. It starts with using the best, most environmentally friendly methods and technology available from seed to sale. That means energy-efficient grow lights, reduced water usage, and exclusively working with brands who share our passion for sustainability and reduced environmental impact.

Partnering with Climate Conscious Companies

In addition to holding ourselves to a higher standard, we partner with local and national brands who value community, customer, and environmental well-being.

We don’t just want to offer the best product and prices in Boulder County… we want our customers to know that every eighth, preroll, edible, extract, and lotion was produced with the same commitment to sustainability.

Working Towards an Environmentally-Focused, Green Market

You can learn more about the Boulder County Carbon Conscious Certification and how you can support its mission by visiting:

Our mission is to empower and assure that the regulated cannabis industry achieves environmental, economic, and social sustainability. The Cannabis Conservancy provides Sustainability Certification to legal cannabis organizations that adhere to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), are free of harmful chemical inputs, utilize waste reduction methods, are energy efficient, and conserve water.

The Cannabis Conservancy

Boulder County is requiring commercial cannabis cultivators to either offset their electricity use with local renewable energy or pay a surcharge that can, in turn, be used to educate and support best in industry practices with regards to energy usage as well as for funding other carbon pollution reducing projects such as low income renewable energy.

Energy Impact Offset Fund

Discover more ways Karing Kind is giving back to the Boulder Community and protecting our environment: sponsoring local highways; donating to the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, raising donations for the Colorado Healing Fund and Wildland Firefighter Foundation, and more!

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