More People Want Legal Weed Than Lower Taxes (12 Crazy Popular Things With Less Support Than Cannabis Legalization)


In 2016, support for cannabis legalization was at an all time high, with 58 percent of respondents supporting decriminalization.

In 2017, the number grew to 64 percent.

And with this year’s data now available, Americans in support of legalizing cannabis has peaked yet again, with an incredible 2 out of every 3 citizens in favor of decriminalizing marijuana.

With such high levels of support, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand why cannabis remains a Schedule I drug that is federally prohibited.

It’s hard to imagine the laws won’t change in the coming years. But we aren’t there yet. So to add a little spice to your next conversation about the state of weed, let’s consider some of the craziest things that have less support than marijuana legalization.

The list might surprise you.

What Has Less Support Than Cannabis Legalization?

In a world divided, cannabis may be one of the few things that can bring us together. With 67 percent of the nation in favor of decriminalizing marijuana, pot is more popular than some of the biggest brands and institutions in America.

Here are 12 of the most surprising things with less support than cannabis legalization (67%).

  1. Presidents. No president in the past 100 years has been elected with two-thirds of the popular vote. If cannabis were a candidate, we would soon have a President Pot.
  2. Video Games. Only 49 percent of American adults “ever play video games.” And just 24 percent thought most video games weren’t a waste of time. Despite the industry’s insane earnings – did you hear about Red Dead Redemption 2’s $725 million opening weekend? – a case can be made that pot decriminalization has more popular support than video games.
  3. Video Streaming. A 2016 customer satisfaction survey showed that neither Amazon Prime Video (58 percent), Hulu (55 percent), or Netflix (60 percent) had as much support as the legalization of weed.
  4. Higher Education. Only 1 in 4 participants think higher education is functioning fine the way it is. And a whopping 58 percent believe universities put their own interests above the interests of students.
  5. Lower College Costs. Speaking of higher education, just 38 percent of respondents in a recent survey from New America thought college costs needed to decrease.
  6. The Internet. A 2017 survey revealed that just 53 percent of U.S. adults trust the internet. Only 59 percent of online adults use search engines to find information on a typical day, though that number has likely increased with the growth of voice searches like Siri and Alexa.
  7. The Supreme Court. Since 2000, support for the Supreme Court has never reached levels as high as cannabis support. It topped out at 62 percent – a full 5 percentage points lower than marijuana legalization.
  8. Large Companies. Only 36 percent of shoppers trust large companies to do what’s right.
  9. Lower Taxes. Just 45 percent of Americans think their taxes are too high, according to a 2018 Gallup poll.
  10. Getting Enough Sleep. Only 65 percent of Americans get the recommended 7 hours of sleep a night, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
  11. Voting. Since 1916, voter turnout (even in presidential election years) has never gone over 64 percent, and was at just 60 percent in the most recent presidential election.
  12. Most Brands. There are only a handful of brands that can boast more favorable opinions than cannabis legalization. According to surveys by YouGov.com, General Electric, eBay, Nike, Purell, John Deere, Walmart – even Mayo Clinic and Disneyland – are all viewed less favorably than legal weed.

Of course, the issue of whether marijuana should be legalized isn’t the same thing as brand awareness, product use, or trust factors.

For a more direct comparison, the 21st Amendment, which effectively ended alcohol prohibition, was supported by 74 percent of the population. Just 7 percentage points higher than current support for ending marijuana prohibition.

Not there yet.

But if cannabis keeps gaining popular support at the rate it has, it’s only a matter of time before the laws change to match public opinion.

What’s Better Than Legal Weed? Surprisingly Little…

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