Welcome to Karing Kind! The first fully licensed Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Boulder, Colorado!

Karing Kind is a Colorado native company. We grow completely organic pesticide free marijuana at affordable prices. Our concentrates are processed by using non-toxic purification methods* leaving you with potent butter, hash and oils. We offer exclusive top shelf intelligently grown hand manicured FLOWER to our customers within a Discreet, Relaxing Setting. Talk to our highly informed and friendly Budtenders for recommendations on products and usage. We take great care in our growing and curing processes to insure in the highest trichrome clustering and THC crystal formations.
Our flowers are tested for potency and effect(s ) characteristics are noted for our clients. Karing Kind typically has over 20 strains available, in Sativa, Indica and various hybrids of both strains. Our popular “infused” flower has a layer of concentrated oil/nectar uniformly applied to it proving you with the “Best of both worlds”. We also carry Bolder Extracts™ shatter and wax. Try our exclusive Formula One disposables and our pure CO2 hash oil or the popular live resin we have in stock.

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