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Proud to Support Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

The water and energy required to operate a cannabis grow have given many marijuana farms and businesses a spotty reputation when it comes to environmental impact. In many industries, the goal of fostering greater sustainability lands on the consumers (recycle this, reuse that). And while we’ve shared tips on recycling cannabis containers, safely disposing of old vape batteries, and reusing marijuana stems, our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. Since we opened our doors as Boulder’s first recreational cannabis dispensary, we’ve been committed to reducing our environmental impact. From reducing our carbon footprint to keeping Boulder highways clean and, a cause that’s near and dear to our hearts, sponsoring the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Getting to Know Greenwood Wildlife

Located right here in Boulder, Colorado, Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to rehabilitating and releasing orphaned, injured, and sick wildlife.

In addition to treating thousands of animals every year, Greenwood operates outreach programs to educate children and adults on how they can better protect and care for Colorado wildlife. The Greenwood website is full of helpful information, whether you’re a curious naturalist or you have an active wildlife emergency.

Wild Night for Wildlife Greenwood Charity Auction

Annual Wild Night for Wildlife Gala

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center holds their annual gala, Wild Night for Wildlife, every Fall. Featuring a virtual event Sep 24th and a free online auction, it’s a great (and convenient) way to support a wonderful cause and help keep Boulder wildlife healthy, happy, and safe.

This year (2021), the online auction opens mid-morning September 22nd and closes at 7 pm on September 28th. Online auction items include a $250 gift card for Karing Kind, a gift basket full of goodies from Colorado Hemp Extracts, stunning wildlife-themed art, and much more! There is no charge for the online auction only.