Catching up with Dylan and Luke

As the Karing Kind team begins another busy summer here in Boulder, we decided it was well past time to sit down and discuss our recent Daily Camera awards.

What are the Daily Camera Awards?

Voted on by people in Boulder and Broomfield counties, the Daily Camera Awards are People’s Choice Awards covering restaurants, retail, entertainment, and more. To date, Karing Kind has won Best Recreational Marijuana Store eight years in a row!

Coupled with our recent Best of Boulder wins, we have a lot to be thankful for. Accordingly, we spoke with our General Manager, Luke Conway, and Karing Kind owner, Dylan Donaldson, to get their thoughts on the awards and the great community that empowers us to be our best.

Karing Kind Team Photo 2022 #1 Dispensary in Colorado
The Karing Kind Team, featuring General Manager Luke Conway (center right) and Owner Dylan Donaldson (center left).

To ease into things, why don’t you tell us a bit about Karing Kind


Dylan: Karing Kind was the first recreational dispensary in Boulder County. Karing Kind is also one of the last family-owned dispensaries in the area. We started as a family business and always will be; hopefully, that is important to our customers—it certainly keeps us motivated.


Luke: For Karing Kind, our mission has always been a source of pride: to provide high-quality products and services to the local community at affordable prices. If we are true to that mission—and I believe we have been—we’ll continue to offer the best recreational marijuana experience in Boulder.


Dylan: Boulder is our heart and soul. Serving this area allows us to support our community and show that large chains aren’t completely taking over!

And why is the cannabis industry important to you?

Dylan: Well, the cannabis industry is still in its early stages, even after decades of prohibition. Karing Kind is proud to be at the forefront of the legal cannabis movement. In such a rapidly growing industry, we want to set the tone of what the legal cannabis experience should be.


Luke: I mean, you were featured on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver talking about this very thing. That gives us some celebrity appeal!

How do Karing Kind’s offerings stand out from other dispensaries?

Luke: We offer a vast variety of products to satisfy the needs and price range of any cannabis consumer. There’s something here for everyone (of legal age, of course). It really brings our excellent service team to the forefront. We have a group of cannabis experts to guide you to the right solution.


Dylan: Without a doubt. And, being outside the City of Boulder gives us one of the lowest tax rates for marijuana in Colorado. It comes down to value. We have great daily deals and a loyalty program that allows customers to earn points on each purchase. These points are redeemable for discounts on future purchases.

Luke, you spoke a bit about customer service there. How do you want your customers to feel at Karing Kind?

Dylan & Luke: “Like family!”


Dylan: Customers at Karing Kind are always welcomed with a smile. As evidenced by the People’s Choice Award—

Luke: —eight years running…


Dylan: —exactly. Folks know they can rely on our staff to give them great recommendations based on extensive product knowledge.


Luke: Really, educating our customers is not only vital for the outcome of their cannabis experience, but for the industry as a whole.

One of the Boulder County Gold awards was for “Best Budtender.” What does being the “best budtender” mean to you?

Luke: Firstly, it means being able to satisfy each customer’s cannabis needs. We want to give customers a pleasant, educational shopping experience that makes them want to come back to experience and understand more. Secondly, it shows that respect and kindness speak volumes in the workplace.

As you know, the other gold award was for “Best Recreational Marijuana Store.” That’s a big one.

Dylan: It is humbling. I’ll just say that we sincerely appreciate the recognition from our Boulder community. It motivates us to keep serving our customers to the best of our abilities.

You did win a write-in vote for Boulder Weekly’s “Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensary” a few months ago too…

Luke: (laughs) we did. But we already covered that in our last blog.


Dylan: We like to treat people well, and this kind of recognition validates our choices. Hopefully, it permeates the industry as a whole.


Luke: Our most valuable marketing is word of mouth, so we greatly appreciate it when customers spread the word and leave us great reviews.

Okay, second to last question: in what ways is Karing Kind looking to grow in the coming years? 

Luke: We are looking to expand our customer base in and around Boulder and continue to stock our shelves with the newest and best products. Providing locally-grown, quality cannabis is our forte. Our flower is grown in-house and is only getting better.


Dylan: Keep an eye on Karing Kind Labs, too. We’re making some pure organic cannabis extracts that are raising the bar.

Last but not least: will you repeat winning these awards for the ninth time next year? 

Dylan: We sure hope so!

Thanks again to all our wonderful customers who have voted to award us Boulder County Gold eight years running! Come into the shop, and let’s continue making memories together.

Always remember: whether you’re stopping in for a disposable vape pen, some fresh flower, or to learn some smoking games, your favorite local cannabis dispensary is here to provide you with friendly, knowledgeable service.

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