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Cannabis Testing Labs Regulation

Cannabis testing has become more critical than ever, especially when it comes to THC Potency. From Boulder, CO to every other legal state, regulations have been passed so that consumers can be more protected from harmful materials and have more accurate THC percentages. Colorado’s new regulations require testing for microbials in both medical and retail marijuana. Anything that falls out of the state’s tolerance levels is not acceptable to be sold. These regulations are meant to protect consumers and make sure the cannabis is as pure as possible, without pesticides, heavy metals or other chemicals that could potentially cause harm. In CO, labs must participate in Proficiency Testing to maintain or obtain certification from the state to provide proper third party testing. This testing has been on the forefront of legalization and legitimization for the whole cannabis industry. 

THC Potency Numbers More Accurate

THC potency is a large part of dispensary sales. THC levels have been increasing as growers learn new techniques and breed new strains. Consumers many times are shopping based on this number, even if that is not the best way to choose cannabis always. As labs get more advanced and new regulations are passed, THC potency numbers are starting to become more accurate. Early on when the industry was less regulated, each lab was using their own methods to come up with their numbers. This could cause variances between each lab leading to inaccurate results for the customer. Now that more standardization is being put into place, the results are becoming more uniform.

THC Percentage Is Not The Whole Picture

Although THC is the active ingredient that everyone loves in THC, it is not the whole picture. Cannabis is an interesting plant that can become varied in its profile depending on what terpenes are found in the plant. These terpenes tend to be what gives the flower its unique flavor profile. As such, when shopping for cannabis, relying purely on THC numbers is not always the best way for consumers to shop. It is more like a piece rather than the whole picture. With this in mind, the term “entourage effect” comes into play. This phrase tends to describe the complete experience each strain of cannabis produces. That means it is not only taking the THC potency into account, but the terpene profile of the plant itself, which gives each strain unique attributes and effects. As such, it is always nice to smell and look at the product and make the decision based not solely on the content of THC, but the whole package. Be sure to have a chat with your budtender and see if they have any recommendations for what you are looking for. Karing Kind’s budtenders are always more than happy to guide you through the process to help you find the best product for every situation!

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