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Stranger Things Season 3 Cannabis Guide

Who needs fireworks when you can watch the new season of Stranger Things? The breakout Netflix original series returns this Fourth of July. And if you’re planning on binge-watching all eight episodes, you’ll need to go in prepared. Especially if you’ll be enjoying a bit of weed while you watch. We offer up a few tips to get just the right high during your next Stranger Things marathon, including strain pairings for each episode in the newest season.

Stoner’s Guide to Binge-Watching TV

Watching an entire season of television in just one or two sittings sounds easy. But if you smoke too much or try the wrong strain, you could end up falling asleep or spacing out and missing a key scene. Here are a few tips to help you reach that perfect high.

  1. Choose strains with a relaxing, focused effect. The right strain will help you relax without causing you to lose focus or fall asleep. Do a little research before you stock up, or ask your budtender the next time you’re at the dispensary.
  2. Start slow. Go with an edible or a slow, creeping strain for episode one. If you time it right, you’ll start feeling the effects right as episode one reaches its climax.
  3. Plan your cannabis consumption. Know how much weed you want to go through – and how much you have on hand. This can keep you from smoking too much too early. And you definitely don’t want to run out of weed half-way through the season.
  4. Stock up on food and water. Do a little meal and snack planning so you’re ready if the munchies hit. And keep plenty of water on hand to battle dry mouth and cramping.
  5. Have eye drops ready. Watching nearly eight hours of television is already a strain on the eyes. You don’t want to do it with dry eye, too.

With these tips in mind, here is our guide to binge-watching Stranger Things with weed.

Stranger Things Season Three Episode Pairing Guide

Chapter One: Suzie, Do You Copy?

Recommended Pairing: Cheeba Chews Taffy or Wana Sour Gummies


What better way to return to Hawkins and 80s nostalgia than by enjoying some of your favorite childhood treats: taffy and sour gummies. For many consumers, the high from edibles builds over time and lasts longer, making it the perfect way to start your eight-episode marathon. 

Chapter Two: The Mall Rats

Recommended Pairing: Tangerine Power (Hybrid)


It sounds like season three is going to have a different aesthetic than the last two, with Ross Duffer saying, “Everyone is going to this new mall, seeing movies, and, of course, the Hawkins pool is open for business. I think there’ll be a sense of fun and joy.” Tangie Power is a relaxing, uplifting hybrid that gains strength in the hours after smoking… which is good since you still have six more episodes to watch.

Chapter Three: The Case of the Missing Lifeguard

Recommended Pairing: Aloha Limone (Hybrid)

aloha limone hybrid strain

This episode title could be referring to Billy, Max’s bullying, eye-catching older brother. Whether you love him or hate him, trailers for season three suggest he’s going to be a major part of the story. Aloha Limone brings an active, euphoric, and creative high with a sweet, citrus flavor. It’s a taste of summer that will go nicely with all the time we spend at the Hawkin’s pool.

Chapter Four: The Sauna Test

Recommended Pairing: Keef Life Cranberry Lime (Sativa)


Almost halfway through the season, the tension is sure to be ramping up. And given the title of this episode, we’re in for a hot one. So take a break from the bowl and cool down with a cold infused beverage. Or mix a serving of Keef Life with a little sparkling water for an extra refreshing buzz.

Chapter Five: The Source

Recommended Pairing: CannaPunch Cannabis Coconut Cooking Oil


You can’t watch eight hours of TV without a proper meal. Well, you can. But you shouldn’t. Now that you’ve reached the halfway point of season three, it’s a great time to take a break and cook a filling meal with a little infused coconut cooking oil. 

Chapter Six: The Birthday

Recommended Pairing: Blue Dream (Sativa)


The episode title mentions a birthday, but we don’t think it’s cake that’s getting devoured in this chapter. Stay relaxed and keep your head up with Blue Dream, a sativa strain that delivers full-body relaxation with a euphoric, uplifting head high.

Chapter Seven: The Bite

Recommended Pairing: Daymaker (Sativa)

Day Maker

We all know you can’t wrap up a season-long story arc with just one episode. And that means this seventh chapter is going to be wild. Things are going to look dark for our favorite Hawkins residents, and a showdown with the mind flayer seems likely. Tell the Upside Down to make your day with Daymaker, a premier Karing Kind house strain with a focused, uplifting high.

Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

Recommended Pairing: Sour Band (Sativa)

Sour Band

It all comes down to this. The big bad meets the medium-sized heroes at a large mall in a small town. Sour Band brings an energetic, focused high that won’t leave you drowsy or cause anxiety. If Hopper smoked weed, this is the strain he’d go into battle with.

What’s Your Go-To Stranger Things Strain?

Let us know what you’ll be smoking during Stranger Things season three in the comments below. And you can preorder many of the strains and products we recommend from our online menu.