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If you searched “indica” in Google just a handful of years ago you may have been asked alongside your results, “Did you mean indigo?” But the world has become a more flavorful place with the growing acceptance of marijuana. And this means many of us are now finally in a position to ask ourselves, “Sativa or Indica?”
Sativa and indica are the two species of Cannabis, and the difference between the two has long been a point of scientific debate. In 1785, French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck noted that certain marijuana plants out of India (Cannabis indica) carried an intoxicating effect – unlike the traditional hemp of the time: Cannabis sativa. More recently, as scientists began studying the genetic structure of sativa vs indica, they noted a higher THC to CBD ratio in indicas, and higher CBD to THC in sativas. That distinction no longer holds up, however, as sativas, indicas and hybrids are each available today with a wide range of THC to CBD ratios to produce different effects within the user.

Scientists now believe it may be the terpenoids (or terpenes) that give each species their distinct high, as well as their aroma and flavor profile. THC is the primary psychoactive component in marijuana; CBD is non-psychoactive and associated with the medical benefits of cannabis. But the terpenes may actually be the reason the two species produce different effects in their users. And deciding which is right for you largely depends on when you’ll be smoking and what you want to accomplish when you are done.

Sativa vs Indica: The Effects

Sativa Arriba!” If you are looking for a strain you can smoke during the day while maintaining your energy and productivity, chances are you want a Sativa. The uplifting and often energetic effect can reduce stress and increase feelings of wellbeing. A sativa joint before a beautiful evening hike or a hit of Lemon Diesel CO2 from your vape pen before a workout can help you take the edge off without slowing you down.

Indica in-da-couch!” Indicas, on the other hand, are felt in the body and generally recommended for evening use. If you want something that will slow you down and/or glue you to your couch or bed, find a strong indica like Infused Deathstar. Taking a large hit or dose can leave you feeling heavy or “melted” to your chair, making indicas the preferred marijuana of Netflix marathoners and nighttime smokers.

Hybrids are strains bred to include some of the benefits from both sativas and indicas. Their effects may lean more heavily in one direction or the other. Your budtender will be able to inform you if a hybrid is sativa or indica-dominant and what kind of high you can expect.

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