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Netflix Releases 12 Marijuana Strains Based on Shows

Roughly half of new business pitches start with “The Netflix of [insert industry here].” As you read this, no fewer than 17,000 mariju-entrepreneurs have “Netflix of weed” written down and underlined in a journal.

Well, as it turns out, the Netflix of weed may have already been started… by Netflix.

In conjunction with their new (as of this writing) original sitcom, Disjointed (starring Kathy Bates and created by Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre), the streaming giant has released 12 cannabis strains based on some of their most popular shows.

This is a company that prides itself on understanding what consumers want. And while that may be in doubt given how poorly some of their original cannabis-themed programming has performed, the company’s overall track record is impressive.

Each show is carefully crafted to incorporate elements viewers love, and the customer-focused strategy has turned a quirky start-up into a media titan. Now, Netflix has applied that strategy to marijuana—albeit in a very limited release—and the cannabis community is a little bit richer for the thoughtful pairing of TV and THC.

What Netflix Strains Are Available?

Netflix paired each of its 12 strains with a show like a sommelier pairs wine with food. A fun, goofy comedy might call for a strong indica, whereas a show with more drama might call for a heady sativa.

You can now buy a gram of Banana Stand Kush and roll a big yellow joint while watching Arrested Development. You can chill with the counselors from Camp Firewood with a Wet Hot American Summer-themed indica.

If you’re looking for the power of one thousand pug snorts, you can turn to Sassafrass OG, inspired by Lady Dynamite. Baka Bile promises to ramp up your appetite, a la Santa Clarita Diet. Or if you prefer staples like Orange is the New Black, you’ll love Poussey Riot, a strain best shared with friends.

Want something a little lighter you can enjoy while riffing on a bad movie or fighting for your sanity on the moon? Grab a gram of “Moon 13” and take it easy with a few episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Here’s the full menu of Netflix weed strains, available only for a limited time:

  • (Disjointed) Omega Strain
  • (Disjointed) Eve’s Bush
  • (Disjointed) Rutherford B. Haze
  • (Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later) Camp Firewood
  • (Bojack Horseman) Prickly Muffin
  • (Chelsea) Vodkush
  • (Grace and Frankie) Peyotea 73 (uplifting sativa hybrid)
  • (Lady Dynamite) Sassafrass OG
  • (Santa Clarita Diet) Baka Bile
  • (Orange is the New Black) Poussey Riot
  • (Mystery Science Theater 3000) Moon 13
  • (Arrested Development) Banana Stand Kush

The shows used as inspiration for this pot-based promotion were carefully selected, and the choice was based on more than just popularity and viewership. Some of the most popular shows on Netflix weren’t eligible for this promotion. Stranger Things is almost unanimously loved, but the protagonists are 12 year olds. Similarly, the successful Marvel shows appeal to children as much as adults, no matter how gritty and grim they can get.

Netflix played it smart and stuck to shows with primarily adult casts and viewership. That means we’ll miss out on potential strains like “The Upside Down Kush” and “Heroes for Higher.” But, that’s just another sign of how careful the company has been about this marijuana promotional event. That’s good news in the long-run, but it means this first (and perhaps only) set of original strains will be particularly hard to come by.

When and Where You Can Buy Netflix Bud

The Netflix-branded strains will only be available for a very limited time in 2017, and only to individuals with a valid medical marijuana card. To buy your bit of bud, you’ll need to stop by a pop-up medical marijuana dispensary in West Hollywood that’s only open from Friday, 9/1 through Sunday, 9/3.

With such a limited release, why get excited at all? Chances are by the time you read this it will be too late to go buy your own anyway. So isn’t this just a novelty?

Let’s take a quick look at the potential implications of this marketing maneuver.

How Can Netflix Sell Weed? And Why Bother?

Earlier I suggested that Netflix may have already started the Netflix of weed. This isn’t to say Netflix is delivering weed like they used to deliver Blu-rays. But with one small marketing campaign, they have embraced marijuana in a way most businesses won’t (or can’t), and they’ve given the world a small taste of what they could do if they ever enter the marijuana game.

If this event goes well, it could be a small push that helps starts the company toward establishing a legitimate “Netflix of weed,” rather than a playful mini-promotion. And with their resources and customer research know-how, Netflix would have a powerful edge if they ever enter the marijuana space in a serious capacity.

Even if Netflix leaves the weed game to the current crop of cannabis entrepreneurs, this simple marketing strategy will create ripples across the industry. Some dispensaries will start including a short list of shows or movies that pair well in their strain descriptions and marketing materials.

The tacit acceptance of cannabis by Netflix and its placement as the central focus of a new show could pave the way for more cannabis companies to sponsor 420 friendly programming and partner with networks or studios to create more accurate representations of cannabis consumers. (In hindsight, Disjointed was full of stoner stereotypes instead of showing cannabis entrepreneurs and consumers as the diverse bunch they really are… but one point for effort, right?)

Instead of creating fan fiction, films, and artwork, dedicated viewers in legal marijuana states can “create” strains tailored to their favorite show or character. With a little effort, you could perfect a Game of Thrones strain before George R.R. Martin releases the final book: “Bong of Ice and Fire.”

Let us know what you think of Netflix marijuana and what strains you would want to try in the comments below.

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