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Marijuana Recipes to Win This Year’s Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is one of the heaviest drinking weekends of the year. So what can you do if you’re not a drinker? Or you just prefer marijuana? In an effort to make the Super Bowl a bit more super, I found marijuana-infused recipes for my favorite Super Bowl foods, from pre-game snacks to post-game treats. I recommend sticking to just one or two of these recipes and keeping the rest of your food THC-free. If every option is loaded with THC, the big game could become a big trip to overdosing.

Super Bowl Weed Recipes

Pre-Game Marijuana Recipes


Source of THCCannabis Oil Guacamole has a way of outshining other dips (unless there’s another guac on the table…). It’s a fan and foodie favorite. And with this cannabis-infused guacamole from Leafly, it’s a delicious way to take the edge off before everyone starts shouting at the TV. Get the recipe (Leafly)

Macho Nacho Cheese Dip

Source of THC: ½ cup Cannabis Butter (Cannabutter)

Macho Nacho Six-Cheese Dip is a mouth-watering starter and a hot, tasty complement to a cold salad or dip (like guacamole). Made with a full stick of your choice of cannabutter (buy from Karing Kind or make your own cannabutter), it’s the dip that keeps on giving. Get the recipe (

The Half-Time Chow

Pot Dogs

Source of THC: 1 Tbsp Cannabutter (per hot dog) Pot Dogs are easy to make and easy to scale-up if you’ll be hosting a particularly large Super Bowl party. And because the THC comes from the cheese topping made with cannabutter (buy from Karing Kind or make your own cannabutter), anyone who wants a traditional, THC-free hot dog can still get one without you having to remember which dog is which on the grill (or serving plate). Get the recipe (Cannabis Search)

Cannabis Hot Wings

Source of THC: ½ cup Cannabis Butter (Cannabutter) This recipe is really more about making cannabis-infused wing sauce than the wings themselves, which is even better! Marinate your wings in the cannabuffalo sauce or use it as a side dipping sauce to make sure you still have a THC-free wing option for guests who may not want any edibles. Get the full recipe (EatYourCannabis)

Post-Game Treat

Canna-Coco Vanilla Cream Frosting

Source of THC/CBD: ½ cup cannabis-infused coconut oil This simple four-ingredient frosting recipe is tasty and easy to tailor. Just add food coloring to celebrate your team (or to symbolically eat your foes) and enjoy. Get the recipe (Cannabis Now) Whether you’re watching the Super Bowl for the competition or commercials—the football or the fanfare—these marijuana-infused recipes are sure to set your dish apart.

Safety tips when cooking with marijuana:

  • Make sure anything with THC is clearly labeled and kept out of reach of children and pets.
  • Know how much THC is in the dish so you have an estimate for dosage per serving.
  • Limit the total number of weed-infused dishes — even small doses of THC can add up if you’re eating git before, during, and after the game.
  • Plan a ride, designated driver, or place to stay. The high from edibles can be stronger and last longer than the effects of smoking cannabis. Alcohol can also increase the effects of THC.

Enjoy the Super Bowl Responsibly

What are your favorite Super Bowl foods? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter using the hashtag #SuperBowlWeed Now add a bit of cannabis and enjoy the game (or commercials).

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