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ou don’t need wine and cheese to host a classy party. Whether you are entertaining fellow cannabis consumers or trying to introduce adult friends and family to the wonders of weed, it’s never been easier to host a classy cannabis party that’s just as refined (and fun!) as the best-funded cocktail party.

Here are a few tips for your next marijuana soiree.

Theme: Say No to Cliches

Don’t change your party’s theme just because cannabis is involved. If you want to throw a Game of Thrones or Downton Abbey party, go for it. If you love the 80s, throw an 80s party. Changing your party to a “stoner” theme (420, Cheech & Chong, etc.) can make it feel like a cliche before it even starts.

Décor: Subtle & Simple

Don’t fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole. Instead, focus on a few basic decorations that fit your theme: add a vase of fresh flowers, hang a new painting, light candles (stick to neutral scents). And remember that the food you offer and music you play go toward setting the stage… more on those later.

Spend a little extra time decorating areas where guests will be socializing, as well as any areas where introspective guests (or anyone who had a bit too much) may go to relax. Stop by the library or bookstore and pick up a few colorful books of art, optical illusions or poetry. Or go with something classic or nostalgic, like Aesop’s Fables or Shel Silverstein. These subtle touches are easy to adapt to your party’s theme, and they go a long way in establishing the feel and energy of your event.

Just like when planning your outfit or makeup, the subtle accents make all the difference.


Food: Just the Favorites

No cannabis party is complete without a few marijuana-infused dishes. Don’t overdo it, though. Offer up one or two infused menu items, and keep the rest of your spread weed-free. This will make infused dishes feel special… not to mention it will help guests control their dosage.

Cooking with cannabis is easier than you might think. Replace the butter or cooking oil in your favorite recipe with a THC-infused cannabutter or oil you make at home and… that’s it. Now any recipe can become a canna-dish: stay on theme or infuse a few of your favorites.

Not a chef? No time to cook? Coda Signature Chocolates are a delectable, supremely classy edible, with flavors even your foodie friends will love: Salt & Nibs Dark Chocolate, Maple & Pecan, Cream & Crumble White Chocolate (to name a few). Pre-order now and pick them up on your way home.

And make sure any infused food options are clearly labeled (including THC/CBD levels per serving).

Drinks: Avoid Alcohol

Replacing traditional cocktails with an infused drink bar is a fun, smart choice. If you’re offering beer or wine, some guests will choose to “stick with alcohol” instead of enjoying the assortment of cannabis options you provide. Many others will have a few drinks along with their marijuana, and the combination of alcohol and cannabinoids can create a stronger effect than some guests may be ready for.

Infused water or tea, gourmet coffee, and a soda bar are all great alternatives. Set out a neutral-flavored tincture and guests can turn any non-alcoholic beverage into a precisely-dosed infusion. Even better, providing sparkling water or an assortment of teas will also help guests stay hydrated and remedy any cases of dry mouth.

As with infused foods, clearly label any infused drink options (including strength per serving) so guests can carefully control their dosage.


Music: Set the Tone of the Party

Plan 1-2 hours of music to start the party. It’s fine to include some tracks from Bob Marley and Grateful Dead, but avoid “cliché” tracks that could make your classy party feel like a stereotypical “stoner” event.

Once the party starts, allow guests to add songs to the playlist. Music and marijuana are closely connected for many consumers, and giving people a chance to add their favorite songs – or the first song they got high to – is both fun and nostalgic.

If you’re serving dinner, plan a separate playlist with softer, instrumental music that’s more conducive to a relaxing meal with good conversation.

Weed: Selection & Presentation

Having a wide selection of cannabis allows guests to try new something new or stick with a familiar favorite. Rolling papers or a bong are great social smoking options, while a one-hitter makes it easy for guests to try new strains… like a sampler.

Try to offer a few options from each column below:

SativaRolling papers
IndicaPipe or bowl
Cannabis oilDab rig
ShatterVape pens
Live resin

Keep a large selection in a central location, like a dining room table, where guests can browse and socialize. Place a pipe, vape pen, or pre-rolled joint anywhere you expect guests to congregate. For bonus points, set out a soothing topical lotion (and individual-use Visine bottles) in the bathroom.

If you really want to wow your guests with an impressive selection and superior presentation, build your own weed “cellar” full of your favorite strains.

Flow: Guide Your Guests

Food is the heart of the party. If you set up appetizers and the bar in the kitchen, guests will hang out in the kitchen. Place a few sweet and salty snacks everywhere people will be socializing so they can enjoy the activities and conversation without running to the kitchen every time they get the munchies.

Your “bud buffet” is another gathering point that should be inviting and easy to browse. If you’re hosting a small get together, keep the cannabis fairly close to the food so the party doesn’t split off into one-on-one conversations.

Depending on the activities you’ll have at the party and the layout of your event space, you may prefer to set up different stations for flower, concentrates, edibles and topicals.

Activities: Keep Guests Engaged


Not everyone experiences cannabis in the same way, and having a couple simple activities for the party can keep everyone happy.

  • Set up a blind taste-test in the kitchen
  • Let guests decorate their own infused cookies or cupcakes
  • Lay out a book of brain teasers, optical illusions, or paradoxes
  • Set up a few canvases (or use brown construction paper as a table cover) so guests can draw or write whatever comes to mind
  • Create a relaxation station where guests can calm down if they’ve had too much: ample seating, books of colorful art, lower lighting, maybe even a soothing topical lotion.

Think about activities that engage the senses, inspire creativity, and get guests talking.  

Prep: The Day of The Event

Keep it simple. Declutter, vacuum and dust the common areas. Dim the lighting in the bathroom. Lay out the cannabis, food, and drink options. Set up decor and activities. If it’s cold, damp, or muddy out, have a plan for where you’ll place coats and shoes.

If you have time-sensitive activities or need to finish cooking, jot down times on your phone or a notecard so you can stay on schedule. Keep the plan fairly loose and flexible, though, so you can enjoy the party… wherever it may take you.

When the event starts, let your worries melt away. Don’t try to make everything perfect, and don’t apologize for things you didn’t do. Just have fun!

Stocking Up for the Party

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