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How Cannabis Can Help Boost Your Creativity

It’s no secret that cannabis can alter your perception. And many consumers claim marijuana gives them a more open mindset and perspective.  For centuries, artists and creators have been sparking their levels of creativity using cannabis. They use it to inspire new and creative thinking patterns.

While there is no universal acclaim to creativity (we lack methods to measure creative thinking effectively), a study* on the effects of cannabis on creativity suggests that in the right doses, cannabis can boost creative performance.

How Does Cannabis Work Inside Your Brain?

Before diving into how cannabis can increase creativity, there is a need to understand how cannabis works in the brain. The body’s natural endocannabinoid system plays a role in modulating the transmission of dopamine.  Dopamine regulates brain functions dealing with focus, awareness, and mental clarity. The increasing level of dopamine helps drive the feeling of euphoria, leading to creativity, positive mood, and low levels of stress.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) acts in a similar fashion as the brain’s natural cannabinoids. In acute doses, THC increases neuron activity and the production of dopamine, essentially controlling the overflowing neurons and giving time for your brain to amplify ideas and imaginations. However, consuming too much THC can have the opposite effect, blunting dopamine production and reducing focus.

Let’s explore a few of the ways cannabis can aid creativity and problem-solving. We’ll then provide a few tips for how to consume cannabis for the greatest creative impact.

Creativity and Thoughts


Who comes to mind when you picture a creative thinker? Maybe someone who has a lot of fast ideas during a brainstorming session? Or someone who is able to develop outside the box solutions.

Research has revealed that the brain’s frontal lobe plays a role in creativity. And cannabis increases cerebral blood flow (CBF) to the frontal lobe, making it more active and – by association – spurring creativity.

So if you need a unique solution (or more than one), an adequate dose of cannabis can spark divergent thinking.

The Connection of Random Ideas

In one study,* researchers observed that both CBD and THC significantly increase brain activity. In appropriate doses, cannabis appears to help different parts of the brain – including the areas responsible for audio and visual perception – speak to each other, allowing you to more easily connect ideas and expand on them.

However, excess consumption may lead to undesirable effects, including impaired memory and a lack of motivation to act on your great, creative ideas.

Cannabis and Memory Retrieval

Episodic memories are events easy to link with time and places. Such memories are always clear and in detail. Retrieving past events enhances your creativity as it draws more inspiration to think.

Given what we know about cannabis, the right dosage can help recall audio and visual memories in greater clarity and provide new insights.

Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition is another positive aspect of creativity, which allows you to analyze and assess data presented to you regardless of the format or data type. By relating objects, the brain becomes more active in filtering the most relevant idea.

Because cannabis can help increase brain function and connect different ideas, it can also help you interpret patterns and come up with great new ideas that you may have otherwise missed.

Tips for Using Cannabis to Enhance Creativity

For cannabis to work for you in spurring creativity levels, make sure you use the right strains and dosage. Consuming too much cannabis or using it in the wrong company or environment might not enhance creativity.

And always remember to note your level of preference and tolerance. Every strain affects people differently, and what works for one person might not work for you.

Look at the following tips on how you can use cannabis effectively to give your creative brain a boost.

· Use the Right Strain

Sativa-dominant cannabis strains give a cerebral high and are more commonly associated with improving creativity. Relaxing indica-dominant strains create a sedative effect, and it is often best to avoid them if your goal is to stay mentally spry. Regardless of whether you prefer sativa, indica, or hybrid strains, stick to the ones that give you more energy, promote brain clarity, and alertness.

And remember, the strain that works for you may not be the same one that a friend or budtender recommends. If you feel like every strain is overpowering, try searching for a new strain with medium-to-high levels of CBD. CBD can help reduce the effects of THC, giving you greater control, focus, and productivity.

· Start Consuming Cannabis in Lower Doses

High levels of dopamine produced after consuming cannabis can increase euphoria and turn off hesitations and barriers to creative thinking. At the same time, too much cannabis can overwhelm the system, reducing focus and impairing memory.

If you are not a regular cannabis consumer – or if you regularly feel like you’ve smoked too much – start with small doses to avoid the chances of becoming too high.

Highly Creative

The few studies available about cannabis and creativity confirm that indeed cannabis can help boost your creativity.  However, cannabis strains work differently on different people: depending on how long you have been using cannabis, your individual preferences, and what blocks your creative avenues.

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