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Holiday Gift Guide for Marijuana Consumers

Still searching for the perfect marijuana gifts for the stoner in your life?

Look no further! Our holiday gift guide for marijuana consumers runs from the practical to the incredible and includes gift ideas for every type of cannabis enthusiast.

Pipe Bracelet

For Wearing: Pipe Bracelet

Never get stuck without a pipe again with this stylish, hand-woven pipe bracelet, available at Karing Kind in a variety of colors. When you’re ready to smoke, just pop off the bracelet and load the pipe with your favorite strain.

The stylish design allows you to wear the pipe all day without drawing unwanted attention. When you’re ready for a break, take off the bracelet and ta-da! A discreet pipe in under 5 seconds.

Grab your pipe bracelet at Karing Kind ($10).

Honeycomb Silicone Pipe

For Smoking Out Of: Honeycomb Silicone Pipe

Glass bowls and bongs are the standard smoking tool for most cannabis consumers. But as wine connoisseurs, stoners, and uncoordinated kids throwing throwing baseballs in the house know, all it takes is one wrong move for glass to break. And when that glass is your only smoking device, it can feel downright catastrophic.

Enter the Honeycomb Silicone Pipe. This gem of innovation won’t crack in freezing temperatures or break if you drop it. It’s lightweight, easy to clean, and ergonomically designed. The silicone has an extremely high melting point, so just like with your glassware you won’t have to worry about toxins, residue, or unwanted chemicals. That also makes the silicone pipes just as easy (or easier) to clean than glass options.

And if all that wasn’t enough, each pipe comes with a detachable poker, built-in stash container, and easy-to-clean, easy-to-replace glass bowl.

Pick up your Honeycomb Silicone Pipe at Karing Kind (starting at $10).

For Eating: Marijuana Edibles Gift Basket

The holidays are as much about food as they are about gift-giving. Why not combine the two and give the gift of marijuana edibles? Create your own gift-basket full of chocolates, chewables, gummies, cookies, and more!

Not sure where to start? Here’s a simple gift basket you can put together for under $50:

  • 1906 Bliss Peanut Butter Cups ($9.99)
  • Binske Pate de Fruit Gummies (starting at $13.99, come in a variety of stylish reusable tins)
  • Coda Signature Chocolate Bars ($18.99, available in flavors like Salt & Nibs, Maple & Pecan, Cream & Crumble, Coffee & Doughnuts, or Caramel & Corn)
  • Canyon LickIt Suckers ($4.99, available in Sour Grape and Strawberry Lemonade)

Check out our edibles selection and pre-order online.

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Ripple Dia de Los Muertos Design

For drinking: Sodastream & THC Tinctures or Ripple Dissolvable THC

Sodastream and other products like it allow you to make your own sparkling water, soda, and other fizzy drinks at home. That alone could be enough reason to buy one for your often dehydrated or soda-laden loved one. Pick up a few THC tinctures from Karing Kind Labs or Ripple dissolvable THC or CBD/THC packets and you’re ready to create your own tasty, refreshing cannabis-infused drinks. Refreshments just got a whole lot more refreshing.

Sodastream available online and at local retailers. THC tinctures and Ripple packets available at Karing Kind.

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For Gaming: Controlla Clip by Rolla Wear Brand

Gamers have long searched for a way to keep smoking without having to constantly pause or hold the controller all weird. In our efforts to toke while we play, we end up spilling weed, missing important moments in the game, and accidentally attacking teammates. All because there’s never been a properly convenient way to game and flame.

The low-cost Controlla Clip from Rolla Wear Brand solves the problem with a roach clip that plugs into your controller or tablet’s micro-usb port for a tight grip. And at under $5, it makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the stoner gamer in your life.

Order Controlla Clips for your Playstation, X-Box, Android, PSP, Wii U, or Nintendo Switch ($4.20).

Swagstr Grinders Bamboo Stash Box Combo

For Storing: Tree of Life Stash Box Combo

Every marijuana consumer needs a secure (and stylish) way to store their weed. The Tree of Life Stash Box Combo from Swagstr Grinders delivers the goods. And with a 4.5 star average rating and over 3,000 reviews, it holds up to consumer testing.

So what do you get with the Stash Box Combo?

  • Bamboo box with lock and key for added security
  • Glass stash jar (smell proof seal, blocks visible light)
  • Grinder
  • Tree of Life rolling tray.

The Bamboo Tree of Life Stash Box Combo looks and works like a dream, making it a great addition to any cannabis consumer’s home storage and preparation station.

Order the Stash Box Combo from Swagstr Grinders on Amazon.

Wolf Grinder

For Swiss Army Knife Enthusiasts: Wolf Grinders Combo Crusher

The Wolf Grinders Combo Crusher is a highly durable all-in-one tool designed to meet the needs of even the most intense and on-the-go cannabis consumers. More than just a grinder, you get:

  • Grinder (of course)
  • Mini lighter holster
  • Removable pipe with quartz glass bowl and swivel cover
  • Pick piece
  • Bottle opener
  • Kief catcher
  • Added storage

Pick up your Wolf Grinders Combo Crusher for just $50 at Karing Kind recreational marijuana dispensary in North Boulder.

Instagram - Focus V Mini Dab Rig

For Dabbing: Electronic Dab Rigs & Dry Herb Vapes

Electronic dab rigs and portable vaporizers bring the potency of cannabis concentrates on the go. And the range of options available are sure to satisfy even the most discerning consumer.

The XVAPE Aria dual use vaporizer works with dry herb and concentrates and fits in your pocket. The XVAPE Vista Mini 2 offers a higher end bubble vaporizer that is both powerful and compact. And the Focus V Carta Electronic Smart Rig delivers the portability of a pocket vape with the power and customization of a top-of-the-line desktop vaporizer.

Find these dab rigs and a variety of portable vaporizers at Karing Kind in North Boulder.

Musty Putters

For the Smoker Who Has Everything: Musty Putter & Terpometer

If you want to find truly unique marijuana gifts for your cannabis consuming Boulder buddy this year, we’ve got you covered.

The Terpometer ($100) is a thermometer for your dab rig. Tap the tool against the heated surface for an accurate temperature readout. When the screen shows green, the temperature is just right for a more efficient and flavorful dab.

The Musty Putter ($299) is a fully functional putter with Lamkin grip and a built-in pipe, so you can hit some green while you’re on the green. This isn’t a cannabis accessory with a putter attached, but a top-of-the-line putter designed with golfers in mind… that you can smoke out of.

Find the Terpometer and Musty Putter at Karing Kind in North Boulder.

For Smoking: Weed & Concentrates

Of course, if you really aren’t sure what the stoner in your life needs, you can’t go wrong with a gram of our home-grown strains or terpene-enriched CO2 cannabis oil—extracted at our very own Karing Kind Labs.

Find more ideas for marijuana gifts with Leafly’s Holiday Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide.

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Find All Your Marijuana Gifts at Karing Kind in North Boulder

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