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Halloweed: Top Horror Movies for Stoners

Pot smokers tend to die in horror movies. It’s practically a rule. At the same time, horror movies have gifted us some of the best and most competent stoner characters.

So, what better way to spend a windy October night than smoking a bit of fresh bud and watching a good horror movie (or horror comedy, if you prefer your scares on the tamer side)?

Let’s look at some of the best horror movies—and horror comedies—to watch while high.

5 Best Horror Movies to Watch Stoned

*May or may not feature marijuana in the film

Frankenstein’s Army (2013, R)

This found-footage film has audiences split, but the creature design and ridiculous story make for a fun and freaky night in. If you can stomach a shaky camera one more time—or if you just love found footage films—toss this little guy into your queue.

Now, pretend you’re Dr. Frankenstein, grab a joint, and add a little spark.

The Thing (1982, R)

If 80s effects, 80s Kurt Russel, and 80s John Carpenter don’t have you convinced, there’s nothing I can say that will change your mind.

Did I mention there’s a stoner pilot you can smoke with and the whole thing takes place in Antarctica?

Poltergeist for Stoners

Poltergeist (1982, PG)

Poltergeist sits alongside greats like Nightmare on Elm Street and Alien for many horror fans. As an added treat, the Freeling parents are seen lighting up a big joint in one scene—what better way to calm down after a ghost attack, right? Make sure you have your own joint ready and you can (sort of) feel like you’re smoking with JoBeth Williams and Craig T. Nelson.

Friday the 13th (1980, R)

Not only is Friday the 13th a revered genre classic, but there’s a bonus element for stoners: Jason targets drug-users (and sex-havers) at the camp. Add another layer to your viewing by smoking pot while watching an immortal killer stalk people for smoking pot.

If you want something a little sillier, you can follow Jason’s escapades in space, Hell, or duking it out with Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street

And if video games are more your speed, you and friends can play as Jason (or the campers—eek!) in the multiplayer Friday the 13th game.

Night of the Living Dead (1968, NR)

George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is the movie that started the zombie film genre, and it’s the perfect way to start or end horror movie season. With a simple story, you aren’t going to get lost if you’re too high.

And if you’re not a fan of classic films or you just want some modern zombie effects, you can always pick from the horde of sequels and remakes.

If you’ve got too much bud to burn through with the movies in this list, or if you were looking for more recent movies, here are a few extras you can enjoy over a joint: Halloween (1978); It Follows (2014); The Blair Witch Project (1999); The Witch (2015); Scream (1996); The Descent (2005); 28 Days Later (2002); It (2017).


5 Best Horror-Comedies to Watch High

Scary Movie (2000, R)

Love it or hate it, Scary Movie is made for stoners… or at least an audience that resembles stoners. The humor is more Airplane! than Wes Anderson, and the movie is best enjoyed late at night after you’re already feeling the effects of your latest cannabis purchase.

Army of Darkness (1993, R)

Evil Dead purists may come for my soul when they see Army of Darkness on this list instead of Evil Dead or Evil Dead 2. And, I’ll admit I chose this entry mostly because it was my entry to the Evil Dead world (and my introduction to Bruce Campbell). But, this lesser-known follow-up film deserves its own place in the pantheon of great horror comedy.

Shaun of the Dead (2004, R)

Everyone seems to know Simon Pegg from a different role or movie, and the actor / writer has flexed his creative muscles in more genres than I can count. Shaun of the Dead was the movie that started the Simon Pegg craze, and it remains one of the best in a list of critical and financial hits.

Young Frankenstein (1974, PG)

Mel Brooks. Gene Wilder. Frankenstein. If you want classic comedy from some of the best ever to grace the silver screen, look no further.

The Cabin in the Woods (2012, R)

The Cabin in the Woods walks the horror-comedy line like few movies have even attempted. Equal parts smart, funny, and legitimately frightening—and with nods to dozens of classic horror movies and tropes—this is a horror-comedy made for fans of horror-comedy.

Other horror-comedy movies and series worth watching include: This is the End (2013); I Sell the Dead (2009); Grabbers (2013); Evil Bong (2006); Housebound (2014); Idle Hands (1999)

Share your list of best horror movies and horror-comedies in the comments.

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