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Dixie Cannabis Balm Review


“Dixie’s luxurious salve infused with cannabis relieves stress and repairs the skin—restoring smoothness and suppleness. Massage into tense or tight muscles and relax.”

Dixie™ Synergy CBD/THC Cooling Balm is a popular marijuana topical boasting an impressive list of benefits, from smoother skin to tension and pain relief. As a sometimes climber and avid haver of dry skin, I wanted to know if a cannabis balm could really soothe sore muscles, relieve aching joints and moisturize like other popular creams and lotions on the market.

When I first purchased the cannabis balm, part of me wondered if the 100 milligrams of cannabinoids (50mg THC, 50mg CBD) meant I would be walking around smelling like Sour Diesel all day. Of course my fears were completely unwarranted, which I found out as soon as I opened the childproof container. The Dixie Cooling Balm offered a pleasant fragrance; like a tin of Vick’s had a lovechild with a pine needle. And while it smelled great, I never felt overwhelmed by the scent, and it faded quickly instead of hanging around like a perfume, scented lotion or Jay and Silent Bob in front of the Quick Stop.

The first few days I had the Dixie™ cannabis balm, I used it as much as I could. I would apply it to my hands after climbing and my shoulders the next morning. I would snag a bit of balm after doing the dishes to try and get the pruney feel out of my fingertips. I would even use a dollop around bug bites to try and reduce itching. It seemed like Dixie™ always helped. And with just a five minute activation time, I could apply it at the beginning of Freebird and feel better before the guitar solo.

I got my first real test, however, when I woke up with a sore neck. I didn’t know if I had slept on it wrong or if I strained it the previous day frantically looking for the ice cream man. I couldn’t turn my head without feeling pain.

I began looking for the Relief Balm, turning my whole body like a portly Batman. I gave a weak little “Huzzah!” when I found it, worried too much excitement would bring another wave of neck pain, and applied a healthy amount to my neck and surrounding areas. After the five-minute activation time had passed, my neck still hurt… but there had been a noticeable improvement! I still wasn’t excited about looking both ways to cross the street, but at least now I could. And as time passed, the relief continued to improve. I can’t say that the Cooling Balm completely eliminated my neck pain, but it allowed me to stay focused, productive and get through my day.

Naturally, I wanted to know how the balm worked.

“No one can tell what a balm’s gonna do! They’re unpredictable!”

-Jackie Chiles, Seinfeld

Ingredients like cocoa butter and beeswax can help prevent dry skin and may soothe burns, rashes and other irritations. Menthol Crystals and a blend of over 20 essential oils (including Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Pine Needle Oil, and German Chamomile Flower Oil) add to the pleasing fragrance while contributing to the balm’s effectiveness in relieving tension and pain in muscles and joints. There is, of course, active CBD and THC in the Dixie Cooling Balm. But as with most marijuana topicals, the THC cannot enter the bloodstream, meaning you can receive the pain and stress-relieving benefits without the psychoactive effects.

I’m not typically a user of balms or lotions, but Dixie™ Cooling Balm has made its way out of the medicine cabinet and onto my desk so it’s easier to get to. It’s just that good.

Recommendations: Dixie™ Cooling Balm is great for soreness, dry skin and relieving muscle tension. You can use it every day or keep a container in your gym bag to apply to aching joints and muscles after a hard workout.

Not Good For: Relieving relationship tension. Hurricane relief. Relief pitching.

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