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Cannabis Canoodling: Marijuana and Sex

Love it or tolerate it or feel like you never have it, sex is a part of the human experience. Even if it isn’t in our beds, it’s on our televisions and in our movies. It’s in many of our favorite songs. It’s used to sell us hamburgers and razors.

And while the cannabis industry hasn’t escaped using sex as a marketing tool, it isn’t as overtly associated with the bare-body boogie as alcohol, cologne, or half the vegetables in the produce aisle.

I wanted to understand the role cannabis plays in sex. How can THC add to intimacy? And as a particularly heavy smoker, I wanted to know if there were any ways cannabis might be negatively impacting sex for stoners.

So, for strictly professional reasons, I Googled “pot sex”. Realizing I had made a huge mistake, I revised my search terms and started over again.

Marijuana Increases Sexual Desire

Many pot-smoking sex-havers swear by cannabis as an aphrodisiac that gets their engines going. According to an informal poll on Psychology Today, two-thirds of smokers claim marijuana enhances their sex lives.

Marijuana Makes Sex Better

Not only is marijuana good for the habitually aroused, but it’s a fun accessory many couples choose to bring into the bedroom for a more emotionally and physically intimate experience. Cannabis affects the CB1 receptors in the brain, which play a role in how we experience physical touching and pleasure. If you’re looking for increased sensitivity to touch and pleasure without the use of oils or lubricants (more on those later), why not try weed?

Marijuana Makes Sex Longer

Conflicting studies make this one a little harder to confirm. But one study found nearly 3 in 4 respondents had longer sex after smoking pot.

One concern, of course, could be that time often seems to pass slower when you’re high. So there’s a small chance that epic session you remember from the other night was more of a YouTube short…

Marijuana Makes Orgasms Easier & Seem Longer

Combining ‘better’ and ‘longer’ like some sort of sex Voltron, marijuana has the ability to turn an orgasm into an oh-my-good-gasm. Remember, you’re not only more sensitive to pleasure when high, but 4 seconds can feel like 40. #Yahtzee

Getting Cannabis Oiled Down

It wouldn’t be a post about sex and marijuana if we didn’t talk a bit about intimate oil. The timing can be a little hard to get right (it can take 15-45 minutes for the effects to kick in), but the reduced tension and increased sensitivity that comes with using intimate cannabis oil can give you the physical benefits of weed without the psychoactive component.

Why Aren’t More People Getting Cannabusy?

With so many potential benefits to combining marijuana and sex, why aren’t more people doing it? And if they are doing it, why aren’t we hearing about it in the same ways we hear about other aphrodisiacs and sex?

One big rub, so to speak, is how cannabis can leave users feeling dehydrated. If you’ve ever had a terrible case of cotton mouth, you may have an idea why lubrication is all but a necessity for some stoners.

Some studies also show that cannabis can have an adverse effect on fertility in men and women. In men, the THC can lower sperm count and cause sperm to swim too vigorously too early, like a sprinter trying to run a marathon. When women smoke, THC enters their system and any sperm that enter will be affected by the THC just as they would have been if the male smoked before sex. This doesn’t mean cannabis consumers can’t get pregnant, but it may reduce the odds.

As with most research into the effects of marijuana, more studies are needed to fully understand how marijuana affects sex. So the next time you’re about to get busy, consider getting high first… for science.

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