The Best Cannabis for Stress (13 Calming Strains to Make the Day Less Daunting)


The Best Cannabis for Stress (13 Calming Strains to Make the Day Less Daunting)

For many cannabis consumers, the best bud isn’t necessarily the one that gets you highest.

It’s the strain that helps you stay calm and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

In this guide, we highlight 13 of the highest-rated recreational cannabis strains for stress relief. Our list includes indica, sativa, and hybrid strains—many of which we grow in our own organic garden. And while we don’t list any CBD only strains, we do include a few that are known for having lower THC-levels and a less intense high.

Indica or Sativa: Which Is Best for Relieving Stress?

Many stressed out smokers have asked this question, so we thought we’d answer it quickly here.

Generally speaking, cannabis consumers who struggle with stress and anxiety prefer indicas to sativas. Indicas relax the mind, whereas many high-THC sativa strains can have a cerebral effect that may trigger stressful thoughts or make them harder to move past.

That isn’t always true, however, and some sativa strains can be just what the doctor ordered (so to speak), especially when you need to stay motivated and energized all day long.

Now, let’s look at the best cannabis strains for stress.  

13 Stress-Relieving Strains for Every Situation

The best strain for stress relief may depend on whether you’re smoking during the daytime or nighttime.

While many Indicas will help reduce stress, they can leave you couch-locked or send you to bed early. Similarly, the Sativa strains we list here are typically better suited for daytime or early evening use.

Daytime Stress Relief

1. Jack Herer

Taking notes from its parent strain Northern Lights, Jack Herer offers a euphoric, uplifting high that helps you release stress without feeling overwhelmed or too cerebral.

“I am Jack’s sense of relief.” 

2. Flo

The winner of the 1996 Cannabis Cup, Flo is a hybrid strain that pairs the relaxing effects of an indica with the euphoric, uplifting high of a sativa. And with a short flowering time that allows the buds to be harvested multiple times a year, Flo is firmly in the running as one of the best strains for year-round stress-relief.

3. Green Crack

The invigorating mental buzz you get from Green Crack may not be right for individuals who are prone to severe anxiety or paranoia. But, the happy energy and focus it provides have made it one of the more popular daytime strains for stress relief—especially if you are also struggling with depression.

4. Blue Dream

The most popular strain on Leafly, this sativa-dominant hybrid could have been designed with stress-relief in mind. The happy, relaxing high has been lauded for its ability to relieve stress without leaving you sedated.

5. AK-47

While you might not expect a strain with such an intense name to be very mellow, AK-47 has become a stress-relieving staple for many cannabis consumers. The sativa-dominant hybrid delivers a relaxing yet engaging and lasting high, so you can stay focused and social all day long.

6. Sour Band

A cross between Sour Diesel (one of the contenders for this list) and Headband, this sativa-dominant hybrid is a common go-to strain to relieve pain and tension while maintaining energy and focus. And with large, dense flowers and a diesel/sour lemon aroma, we recommend this strain whether you need daytime stress relief or you just love smoking great cannabis.

7. Durban Poison

Known for its energetic, uplifting high, this pure Sativa is ideal when you need to cut stress while staying productive. Its large resin glands have made Durban Poison a popular strain for concentrate extraction, as well, so you’re always only a hit away from stress relief (whether you prefer flower or CO2 oil).

8. Cannatonic

Cannatonic is a relatively hard-to-find Hybrid strain with low THC levels (typically below 6%) and high CBD content (6-17%). The short lived but powerfully relaxing high offer stress and pain relief without overpowering the consumer.

Nighttime Stress Relief

9. Afghani

This heavy indica is known for its high resin production and sweet, earthy aroma. With a deep, sedating high that eases you into sleep (instead of knocking you out), the potent strain is commonly used to treat insomnia, pain, and stress.

10. GG4 (Gorilla Glue #4)

A potent, resin-covered hybrid, GG4 delivers heavy relaxation and euphoria that leaves many smokers happily couch-locked. Rated among the best strains for stress relief (and with multiple Cannabis Cup awards under its belt), GG4 is a must-try strain for anyone trying to manage overwhelming thoughts, emotions, and other side-effects of stress.

11. OG Kush

This indica-leaning hybrid is a stress-relieving dynamo. If stress is an empty aluminum can, OG Kush is the elephant stepping on it.

Its strong, relaxing, and euphoric high have made OG Kush one of the best known strains in the world, as well as one of the best at reducing stress.

12. Tahoe OG

Strong and fast-acting with a lazy, heavy body high, Tahoe OG isn’t recommended if you are about to leave the house. But if you’re looking for help kicking anxious thoughts so you can get a good night’s sleep, look no further than this relaxing, stress-relieving indica-dominant hybrid.

13. Chemodo Dragon

A cross between our organically grown Chem Dawg #4 and Gupta Kush, Chemodo Dragon is a sativa-dominant strain with an outstanding lemon zest, pine, and kush flavor and an active, inspiring high that lasts. While Chemodo Dragon is an energetic sativa that won’t leave you couch-locked, its strong, heady high make it better suited for evening use (at least for many cannabis consumers).

Other Stress-Relieving Cannabis Products

Can’t find a strain you like? Or maybe they’re just not in season right now. Whatever the reason, you may be looking for other stress-relieving cannabis options.

So, here are a few tips for how to find the right marijuana product for stress relief.

  • Look for at least a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio. Cannabidiol (CBD) provides many of the medical benefits of cannabis while counteracting some of the psychoactive effects of THC, allowing for a less intense high that doesn’t skimp on stress relief.
  • Grab a strain with myrcene or limonene. These two terpenes have been linked to better sleep and elevated mood, respectively. And while their presence doesn’t guarantee stress relief, they are often found in cannabis strains with more relaxing, euphoric effects.
  • Consider CBD edibles or patches. Sweet Grass CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies offer 10mg CBD and just 1mg THC per serving, while our CBD patches deliver lasting relief with 30mg CBD over 12 hours.

Smoke. Destress. Feel Your Best.

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