The Baby Boomer Age of Marijuana Users


A new study shows Baby Boomers are using marijuana with increasing frequency. The study looked at marijuana use in nearly 50,000 individuals age 50 and up. In the past 10 years, marijuana use among people age 50-64 has increased by 57 percent, while seniors age 65 and up who are consuming marijuana has increased by an astonishing 250 percent. The average marijuana user is still 37 years old, and millennials make the most frequent trips to legal dispensaries. But, if trends continue, historians may look back on the early 2000s as the dawn of the Baby Boomer Age of marijuana users.

Understanding the Increase in Marijuana Use in Boomers

There are a number of theories for why we are seeing such a pronounced increase in marijuana use among individuals age 50 and up. We won’t cover them all, but here are a few of the more popular:

Boomers finally have time to smoke

Maybe Baby Boomers are just as fond of marijuana as everyone else; they’ve simply been too busy working to get high. And, now that more and more Boomers are choosing to retire, they are finding themselves with time to pick up a new (or old) hobby.

Marijuana is more available and understood

The increasing number of states to legalize medical and/or recreational marijuana has made pot more widely available than ever. And, newer and more expansive studies on the benefits of medical marijuana have made it a more appealing choice for many seniors weighing treatment options.

It’s those darned kids!

For the first time in more than 130 years, more young adults live with their parents than with a partner, according to a study by Pew Research Center (and the highest percentage since 1940).  Could it be that young adults and their more frequent marijuana use is influencing the smoking habits of their parents, now in their 50s and 60s?

Marijuana Shopping with a Baby Boomer

Seniors are accepting marijuana at a faster rate than other ages, but fewer than 10 percent of marijuana purchases at legal dispensaries are made by someone age 60 and up according to a study conducted by Headset Inc. Millennials make the most frequent trips to legal dispensaries (median of every 16 days), but they also purchase in the smallest quantities. Individuals in their 40s spend the most annually ($823), but their per-trip spending ($39) pales in comparison to seniors age 80 and up ($64). So while your grandma may not want to join you every time you stop by Karing Kind, chances are she’ll go hog wild when she does.

The type of marijuana individuals purchase doesn’t appear to change with age. Just like any individual – Boomers seem to choose edibles, flower, or concentrates based on a variety of factors, from past preference to current living situation and health concerns.

Baby Boom Goes the Dynamite!

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