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9 Tips for the Perfect Valentine’s Day for Smokers

Whether you’ve been married for years or you still have trouble remembering the other person’s name, shopping for Valentine’s Day can be difficult. Flowers, chocolate and obligatory intimacy all sound great, but you’ll have to do some planning if you really want to leave a mark.

With one perfect Valentine’s Day you can join the ranks of the gift-giving greats: Starlord’s mom, Leslie Knope, the Trojans.

But giving gifts is hard, and you may be too high to get to the store right now.

Fortunately, these 9 tips and ideas will help you craft the perfect marijuana Valentine’s Day.

1. Fill a box of chocolates with edibles and nugs

Take out the chocolates and drop an infused edible or a nug of Karing Kind’s finest in each empty spot.

Caution: don’t eat the non-infused chocolate yourself.

While your partner will surely love the marijuana, you may lose the points you gained if they find out you didn’t save any chocolates. “I was making room for your gift,” isn’t going to be a good enough excuse.

2. Bring the supplies you need

If you plan on spending all or part of your Valentine’s Day with Mary Jane, make sure you bring the supplies you will need. You don’t want to show up at your boyfriend or girlfriend’s house after a lovely night out only to realize you left the bowl at your place and you’re out of papers.

That’s like getting a hamster for Christmas then realizing you don’t have a cage, food or the desire to own a hamster. It’s confusing and upsetting and now you have a chore.

3. Treat yourselves

If your budget allows, spring for top shelf marijuana and your partner’s favorite edibles. Showing up with Blue Sky Kush is great – like showing up to a party with homemade French onion dip. But pulling out a gram of Infused Deathstar ups the ante – it’s like showing up with homemade French onion dip and a Napoleon impersonator you hired just to walk around with samples.

4. Don’t go overboard

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to spend a night in getting high with your partner, but be prudent in your marijuana use. If you wolf down too many edibles or hit one of our pure CO2 concentrates like you would smoke a much lower-potency bud, you may end up feeling sick or passing out early.

Throw on a romantic film like Love, Actually or John Wick and take your time.

5. Learn to blow smoke hearts

This one may seem a bit less practical than the other tips, and you’re probably right. But if Gandalf can blow a smoke ship, you can blow a smoke heart given enough time and practice… plus, now you’ll have a neat way to impress your friends.

6. Cover your bed with marijuana

So long, rose petals! If you don’t mind the sticky, smelly plants in your sheets and an exorbitant waste of weed, this is a great way – well, a way, at least – to show your partner that you’re down to get sticky and/or icky this Valentine’s Day. Of course, he or she may just think you’re messy.

7. Bake your own marijuana snacks

If you or your partner love baking and/or eating, try making your own marijuana edibles at home. It can be a fun way to spend time together, both while you are in the kitchen and after the treats are ready. As with all homemade edibles, THC concentration can vary per bite, and you should give each serving time to take effect before helping yourself to seconds.

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8. Build a bouquet of marijuana flowers

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on a bouquet of traditional Valentine’s Day flowers, why not buy a few different strains of marijuana and present your own flower arrangement? If you’re crafty (like a teacher, not a fox) you can use concentrates, edibles and rolling papers to design a “rose” topped with Pink Kush petals.

9. Reserve a table at White Castle

Yes, you can reserve a table at White Castle on Valentine’s Day. Reservations at the Castle come complete with hostess seating, tableside service, holiday décor and photo ops. Grab some dank bud, throw on Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and prepare for the most romantic night of your life.

There are countless ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your smoking beau. All it takes is a little creativity, planning and a quick run to Karing Kind, Boulder’s first recreational marijuana dispensary, for top-tier marijuana, concentrates and edibles.

This Valentine’s Day, hotbox your lover’s heart.

Karing Kind is located just off of US-36, one mile north of Broadway, open daily from 9am to 10pm.

While we carry a variety of strains, concentrates and edibles, inventory and stock levels fluctuate from week to week and month to month. Check our menu and follow us on Instagram for an up-to-date list of edibles, concentrates and buds available now.