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5 Fun Ways to Enter the New Year High

Everyone’s drinking champagne and looking around for someone to smooch. You’d rather be smoking. If you want to start the new year higher than the NYC ball before it drops, take a look at these solo and social ways to add a bit of bud to your New Year’s Eve celebration. *Always consume responsibly. Make sure you have a designated driver when enjoying adult plants and beverages, and get an Uber or Lyft if you lose your DD.

1) New Year’s Dab

Start heating the dab rig just as the countdown starts. By the time they get to zero, you’ll have a red hot surface to ring in the New Year with a midnight dab.

2) Instead of Kissing, Shotgun a Joint

Puberty called. It wants awkward NYE kisses back. This year, ditch the obligatory pressing of lips against cheeks and shotgun a joint with someone special instead. There are different ways to shotgun weed. At its simplest, you’re exhaling cannabis smoke as your partner inhales.

While that can be fun, there’s another form of shotgunning that’s more about the THC. Instead of just exchanging weed breath, one person inhales from a joint or blunt while the other blows into the lit end. Flaming beard-risk aside, this is the cannabis equivalent to shotgunning a beer. The idea is that you’re building a tunnel that pushes more cannabis smoke into your lungs at a faster rate. If you’re hesitant to place the lit end of a joint in your mouth (me, too), you can cup your hands to sort of bridge the gap between the two methods for shotgunning.

3) Smoke Circle Countdown

If you have enough people (I recommend about 5, and more is fine), form a circle and alternate hits when the countdown to midnight begins.

10! (hit)

9! (next person takes a hit)

8! (next person)

And so on.Too few people and you’ll just be puffing weed to keep up instead of inhaling and enjoying each hit. And make sure you have enough joints, bowls, and bongs ready so you don’t run out of weed during the countdown. A cashed bowl is no way to start the new year.

4) Smoke the Winner of the Cannabis Cup

Find the winning strain from this year’s Cannabis Cup or Rooster Magazine’s THC Classic – or the closest thing at your favorite dispensary – and pack a bowl celebrating (or trying to forget) the past 12 months.

5) Sip a Ripple-Infused Drink Instead of Champagne

I get it. Champagne is classy and Ripple sounds like a Magikarp move (“It’s not very effective”). Well if drinking cannabis tea instead of red wine and sipping on THC-infused sparkling water instead of champagne isn’t elegant, I don’t know what is. I say keep your tall glasses and bland bubbly. I’ll take a snifter of cannabis cola. Stop by Karing Kind to stock up on edibles, clean-grown flower, and pure CO2 oil before the party gets started.

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