14 Easy Cannabis Themed Halloween Costumes


Halloween is just around the corner. And whether you’re heading to a party, greeting trick or treaters, or walking around as your own wee ones collect candy from strangers, a great costume makes all the difference.

But we can’t all be costume designers. Maybe you don’t have the right idea, or enough money to buy the supplies, or your grand design ends up looking like so much cardboard and felt.

Even worse, you could spend your night answering the dreaded question: “What are you supposed to be?”

Enter the pun. When all else fails, and regardless of how cheesy it may feel, incorporating a pun into your costume is a sure way to get a reaction.

Whether you love weed or you’re just a fan of word play, here are some of our favorite creative marijuana Halloween costumes (many of which you can make at home on a budget).

Michael Highers (Halloween)

If you can get hold of a blue jumpsuit and a Michael Myers mask (or even some white face paint), you’re 90% of the way there. Just swap out the traditional knife for a bong or vape pen.


Throw on some orange, grab a green hat, and cut out some white or light-yellow felt in the shape of a bong. Bam. You’re a dab-o-lantern.

Buzzed Lightyear


Buzzed Lightyear to the rescue! Pick up a Buzz Lightyear onesie (or steal your kid’s costume) and replace the laser with a lighter.

Alternative: If it’s easier to secure an astronaut costume than Buzz Lightyear, you can go as Buzzed Aldrin. One small hit for man. One giant leap for mankind.

Harry Pothead

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? This Halloween, cast a spell as the Boy Who Litted. Snag your Gryffindor get-up, swap out the wand for a wooden pipe or a long vape pen, and run around shouting spells like “Stupefy,” “Exhale-iarmus,” and “Weedgardium Leviosa!”

The World’s Bongest Man

This one’s especially simple. Just throw on a wrestling singlet and carry a bong in each hand instead of a dumbbell.

Puffman (Duffman, The Simpsons)

Throw on some blue, toss on a cape, and replace the beer belt with joints. Like the original Duffman, you’re sure to be the life of the party.

Choo Choo Strain

Dressing up as a train isn’t terribly exciting. Things become a little more interesting when your cargo is weed and the steam you produce is a sweet cloud of pot smoke. This costume works better if you’re in a location where you can smoke… otherwise people might just think you’re a train.

Marty McHigh

Back to the Future is so iconic, even Marty McFly’s outfits – from his orange vest to the many period costumes – are easy to recognize. This Halloween, go as your favorite time traveler. Slap on a few marijuana stickers and keep a joint handy and you’re transformed into Marty McHigh.

This costume idea works especially well if you’re going with friends: just add Doc and Biff (Spliff).

SpongeBong SquarePants

Grab some brown shorts, paint bloodshot eyes on a yellow shirt, and smoke from a water bong all night. Who’s high as a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBong SquarePants!

Forrest Blunt

Toss on a cream-colored suit and walk around with a box of infused chocolates. Bud, Forrest, Bud!

Packed-Man (or Mrs. Packed-Man)

Dress in cowboy boots and yellow, say wacka-wacka, and keep a fully packed bowl at all times. It’s easy to make, comfortable to wear, and it’s the perfect excuse for when you get the munchies. You aren’t overeating… you’re just playing to win.

A Dab

Throw on some transparent rain gear (over green or brown clothes) so you look like a bong and run around doing dabs all night. For added effect, wear one red glove and one amber glove to mimic the concentrate and red-hot nail.

A word of warning: other cannabis consumers are going to ask if you have any actual THC oil… so plan accordingly.

(Couple’s Costume) Plant-Man and the Wax

Ant-Man and the Wasp don’t get enough love in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But they sure do make the perfect couples costume. They’re funny, active, and they work individually just as well as they do when they’re together. Instead of summoning ants, bring out your cannabis plants. And instead of shooting energy blasts like the Wasp, dole out drops of high-THC wax.

(Group Costume) The Rolling Stoneds

If you love singing – or if you and your friends just want a fairly easy costume to put together on short notice – throw on your Mick Jagger garb, grab a guitar, smoke a bowl, and go as the Rolling Stoneds.

Who’s Ready for Halloweed?

You don’t have to spend a lot on a marijuana Halloween costume to look great and have fun this year. And whatever you save on your costume can go toward stocking up on a selection of flower, extracts, and edibles.

However you decide to celebrate, and whatever you dress up as, make sure you have fun. And enjoy cannabis responsibly.

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