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In most cases, a marijuana overdose is about as severe as eating too many donuts in one sitting. You won’t want to move around too much or too fast for a little while, but otherwise you’ll be fine.

Other times, though, that extra edible or bong rip hits you harder than expected. And, suddenly you feel way too high. Maybe you feel sick, or become too anxious, or just can’t focus like you want.

Too much of a good thing—even a great thing like weed—isn’t always a good thing. And, you might need a little help relaxing or calming your stomach after a big joint.

The tips in this article have been used by smokers around the world to “come down” when they’re too high.

*NOTE: These tips won’t remove cannabinoids from your system. While they can help you feel more sober, they won’t actually make you sober.

1. Be Prepared

Be prepared is more than just the motto of the Boy Scouts and Mufasa’s brother, Scar. It’s an important part of coming down when you’re too high (and avoiding getting too high in the first place).

  • Know how much weed you can normally handle.
  • Are you taking bigger hits or doses than usual (using a bong instead of a bowl, for example)?
  • Are there other reasons you might not feel well? If you haven’t eaten or slept enough—or if you’ve been drinking alcohol—cannabis may affect you more than it does on other days.

If you’re going out, make sure you have a designated driver or access to a ride in case you start feeling anxious or ill. Sometimes just having a plan can help you feel calmer and more relaxed.

2. Take a Break

If you notice your anxiety rising, your head spinning, or your stomach churning, give yourself the time and space you need to feel better.

Don’t try to keep up with your friends just because they’re lighting up another joint or going back for another edible. A small discomfort can turn into nausea or panic if you keep smoking when you already feel high.

Step outside for a blast of cool air. Lay down and focus on your breathing. Head to the bathroom for a nice, long poop. Take a break the same way you would if you felt anxious or unwell while sober.

3. Go for a Walk

If you feel physically fine but can’t shut your brain off, consider taking a walk around your neighborhood or apartment building. Getting your body moving and changing up the scenery can help you work through anxious thoughts and energy.

4. Take a Cold Shower

Cold showers can wake you up when you’re couch-locked and clear the fog if your last dose hit a little too hard.

5. Take a Hot Shower

Does the thought of a cold shower make you cringe and crawl under the covers? Are you more tense than foggy after your last dose? Take a hot shower! The hot water and steam can help relax your body, and the time in the shower can help you work through any pesky or anxious thoughts that are keeping you from enjoying your high.

Alternately, you can make taking a hot shower the entire point of getting high. Whatever your goal, it’s a delightful experience.

6. Take a Nap

For those times you feel too woozy or “spinny” to take a walk or hop in the shower, try taking a nap. Let yourself rest so you can work through any mental or physical discomfort.

7. Drink Water

Marijuana has a way of dehydrating the body. Drinking plenty of water is an easy way to combat many discomforts (like dry mouth, headaches, and upset stomach) that can leave you feeling downright ill when they hit all at once.

8. Chew Black Pepper

The folks at Leafly did a bit of research, and chewing black pepper may be more than just an old wives tale when it comes to dealing with marijuana -induced paranoia. They both bind to the same receptors in the brain, and the calming effect seems to be much more than just a placebo or a trick of distracting yourself. The next time you start feeling a wave of anxiety after a dose of cannabis, try chewing a peppercorn.

9. Distract Yourself

Try throwing on your favorite show, playing a game on your phone, working on a puzzle, cooking… anything that keeps you distracted.

10. Use CBD

CBD is non-psychoactive, and it’s known for it’s powerful anxiety-fighting effects. Having a CBD edible, patch, oil, or strain on hand is an easy way to counteract the effects of THC if you’re feeling way too high (or if your high is causing anxiety instead of helping you relax).

Don’t Panic!

The next time you’re feeling a little too high (anxious, paranoid, couch-locked), stay calm and try one of the tips in this post.

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