Weed Tours


Weed Tours


Were you ever on a party bus in college? Chances are it was an old school bus with many of the seats taken out or turned to face inward. It was generally dirty, the ride was loud and there may or may not have been a stripper pole.

Cannabis tours have taken the lost art of transporting inebriated people and re-imagined it. They replaced the uncomfortable, noisy school bus with a classier, quieter ride. Instead of hopping between dispensaries and lounges a few miles apart, weed tours offer a more satisfying experience. Certainly you’ll stop by one or two dispensaries, often armed with tour-specific discounts. But you can choose a tour operator and package based on your specific needs – whatever they may be. And all for a more reasonable price than you might dare imagine.

If you’re visiting Colorado – or returning home – you can reserve 420 Airport Pickup that includes a stop at a recreational dispensary and discounts on marijuana or vape rental. Need a place to stay or something to do? High Country Cannabis Tours offers a range of marijuana-friendly accommodations, tours and educational courses. Here’s an incomplete but helpful list of marijuana tours, lounges and  events in Colorado – mostly Denver.

If you are looking for something a little different, consider Irie Tours Colorado, based right here in Boulder. Irie delivers a unique experience that weed tours in downtown Denver simply can’t provide. Take scenic routes through the mountains and stop to emjoy beautiful views or observe the incredible Colorado wildlife. Irie Tours also provides event rental, giving you a legal but discreet mobile smoking lounge for concerts, parties and weddings.

Whoever you book with, ask your tour operator to stop by Karing Kind, Boulder’s first recreational marijuana dispensary. We offer top-shelf, organically grown Indicas, Sativas and Hybrids at the lowest tax rate in Colorado! That means you save 10 percent over other Boulder dispensaries and 20 over Denver dispensaries just for shopping with us. We also sell edibles, tinctures, smoking supplies and the new Karing Kind Labs CO2 Vape Pen, redesigned to provide a cleaner, healthier hit than any other vape pen on the market. Karing Kind has all of your marijuana needs, no matter where your time in Colorado takes you.

Karing Kind is located on US-36 along the route to beautiful Lyons and Estes Park.