Frequently Asked Questions

Who is qualified to shop at Karing Kind?

All persons 21+ with a VALID, Government issued picture identification card

Does Karing Kind sell edibles?

Yes! We sell a wide variety of edibles including drinks, and topicals!

How much Marijuana can I buy?

Any adult over the age of 21 with a Valid Government issued photo identification card may purchase up to 1 ounce of marijuana including edibles.

What’s the difference between Sativa and Indica?

Sativa cannabis is typically a daytime cerebral effect.  Many users get energized and mentally stimulated without the sleepy effect. There are exceptions to these generic classifications.  “Arriba! Sativa!”

 Indica cannabis is typically a nighttime body relaxation effect.  Indica users will experience a relaxing body high.  There are exceptions to these generic classifications. “Indica, in-da-couch!”

How to dose yourself while consuming edibles.

It is highly recommended to only consume up to 10 mg of tested edible product. Do keep in mind that each persons body chemistry is vastly different and results may vary from no effect to extreme intoxication.
Start with ONLY 10 mg and wait up to two hours to become aware of the full effect.  Some users will increase dosage over time.

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a highly sought after cannabinoid found in some varieties of cannabis.  It has a relieving effect for many ailments, pains, and other physical conditions.  Karing Kind is currently researching, developing and breeding high CBD strains of cannabis. For more info on CBD’s please visit the following link:

Why does Karing Kind specialize in Co2 extraction for concentrates?

Co2 extraction is a leading edge cannabis oil extraction process. It is a completely non toxic method of extraction.  It is great for smoking, dabbing and vaporizing.  Do you know what’s in your concentrates and vape pens?  Common solvents used to make these include propane, butane, acetone and rubbing alcohol.  We believe in a better and SAFER product at Karing Kind! Our oil is PURE and UNCUT too!!


Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division

The Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry

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