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What’s New at Karing Kind?

What's New at Karing Kind?

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Budtender's Choice

Tier 2 Feature

Afghani Live Flower


$25 1/8s | $70 1/2 oz

A relaxing indica known for its heavy resin production and deep, sedating, and euphoric high.

Tier 3 Feature

Orange Cookie Kush

$35 1/8s | $110 1/2 oz

A strong, balanced hybrid with a cerebral, euphoric high and citrus-fuel profile.

Edible of the Week

Wyld Pear THC-CBG Gummies


25% Off All Oct

Made with real fruit and a balanced terpene profile, these treats are both delicious and practical.

Extract of the Week

Stratos Slow Burn


Slow Burn Prerolls

Hand rolled gram joints infused with full-spectrum oil for a balanced, flavorful high that burns four times slower than the average joint.

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Colorado News

Boulder based Wana Brands is set to be purchased by Canada’s Canopy Growth, with a nearly $300 million upfront cash payment.

U.S. News

U.S. Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) sent a letter to the Attorney General urging the DOJ to decriminalize cannabis.

World News

German police unions expressed their opposition to national cannabis legalization, suggesting cannabis will lead to a “stoned future” instead of a “modern Germany.”

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