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What’s New at Karing Kind?

What's New at Karing Kind?

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Karing Kind News

New rosin gummy flavors like Peach Pear, the return of Kush Masters buckets, and a brand new 37% THC Strawberry Shortcake strain have us wondering if this might be the tastiest week of 2021. Yes. Yes it is.

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Budtender's Choice

Lemon Skunk Trichomes

Lemon Skunk

Strain of the Week

With an unmistakable skunky, zesty lemon drop flavor, this happy, energetic sativa hits fast while leaving you balanced and active.

Nokhu Labs Sativa Rosin Gummies

New Rosin Gummy Flavors

Edible of the Week

Peach Pear, Pomegranate Pear, and Old School Grape join our dream team of Nokhu and äkta solventless rosin gummies.

Kush Masters 2g and 4g Buckets

Kush Masters Buckets

Extract of the Week

Using advanced techniques and scientific principles Kush Masters ensures the highest level of purity, and quality.

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Colorado News

A new report on legalization found that cannabis-related arrests are down 68%, but black people continue to be disproportionately targeted with arrest rates more than doubling the arrest rates of white people for similar offenses.

U.S. News

Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said on CNN’s “State of the Union” this week that he doesn’t think there is “value” in locking people up for cannabis use.

World News

A new study suggests that cannabis was first domesticated in East Asia during the Neolithic Era (3900-1700 BC) as a multipurpose crop for industrial and medical purposes.

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