How to Video: Button Batteries and Cartridges

FAQs About Karing Kind’s 5-10 Vape Battery & Glass Cartridges

*Our 5-10 vape battery and cartridge designs have changed over time. Please refer to the FAQs below for the most up-to-date information. If you can’t find the answers you need in the video above or content below, stop by our recreational dispensary in North Boulder or call 303-449-9333 (WEED) to speak with one of our award-winning budtenders.

How do I turn on the button activated Karing Kind vape pen?

Tap the button five times in quick succession to turn the pen on or off. When the vape battery is on, the light will glow green when you hold down the button to inhale.

How does the Karing Kind vape battery preheat function work?

Tap the button twice when the pen is on to start the preheat function. This will begin warming up the oil at a very low temperature, allowing for a smoother hit. Tap the button another two times to turn off the preheat function.

Can you change the heat settings on the Karing Kind vape battery?

Yes! Tap the button three times to adjust the heat setting between low (green indicator lights), medium (blue indicator lights) and high heat (red indicator lights).

What kind of heating element does the Karing Kind vape battery use?

Our Karing Kind refillable vape pens use a wickless, ceramic heating element. Likewise, our disposable vape pens use a wickless, quartz heating element. So however you vape, you can rely on a nice, clean, flavorful hit every time. No burnt fibers. No nickel chromium. No adhesives.

How quickly does the vape battery charge?

We supply a quick charge USB device with our 5-10 vape batteries, allowing for a full charge in just 30 minutes. When the light on the USB charger goes from red to green, your pen is fully charged.

Do you sell any other vape batteries that work with 5-10 thread cartridges?

We do, along with other vape devices, mini dab rigs, dugouts, pipes, one-hitters, and more.

What materials are used in Karing Kind’s refillable cartridges?

Our cartridges are specially designed with Karing Kind’s pure CO2 oil in mind, and we prioritized a clean build to preserve each strain’s unique flavor and effects. None of our cartridges use any sort of glue or adhesive: they’re just metal and glass for a smoother, more flavorful draw every time.

What type of cannabis oil do you use in your cartridges?

Our carts are filled with pure CO2 Gold Oil – the same you’ll find in our disposable vape pens or syringes. We use natural CO2 extraction to preserve each strain’s unique terpene profile while avoiding the use of solvents and other potentially harmful chemicals.

Where can I learn more about Karing Kind vape pens, disposables, and other options?

We have a variety of additional vaporizer and concentrate resources on our website:

We also recommend stopping by our shop in North Boulder or calling 303-449-9333 (WEED) to speak with one of our award-winning budtenders. They’d be happy to answer any questions you might have and help you find the right pen and concentrates for your unique needs and preferences.