Boulder Marijuana Meetups

Karing Kind - Marijuana Meetup

If you are a part of marijuana culture – either by preference or by medical need – it can be hard to find others that understand and appreciate your way of life. Whether you are new to Boulder, looking to expand your network of friends to smoke with or trying to find a partner who shares your love of marijuana, you may have more options than you realize. With the success of eHarmony and, specialty dating sites have been a booming industry for years. And with the ever-increasing marijuana culture in America, it is no small wonder we are starting to see a variety of marijuana dating sites. Revealing that you smoke in a social or intimate setting can be intimidating and unpleasant if those you are with don’t share your views. These sites operating like your standard dating/meet-up site, but in order to join you must agree that you are either a marijuana user or you are ok with its use. On these sites you’ll find every kind of smoker, from the everything-I-say-is-about-weed stoner to the business professional vaping after work. Though you won’t find a lot of women.

So you may have to take a more grassroots approach when trying to find friends and potential partners for marijuana meetups in Boulder. While there are certainly events that are more unabashedly marijuana heavy – The Cannabis Cup, a Doug Benson show or a Wiz Khalifa concert – Boulder offers a variety of other weed-friendly groups and activities to fit your interests. Or search marijuana in Boulder on to find everything from business and industry networking to adventure groups and bad movie night. Still not sure where to go to meet Boulder marijuana lovers? Stop by Karing Kind for a helping hand and a wide selection of flowers, concentrates, edibles and tinctures. And sign up for the Karing Kind newsletter for daily deals, strain reviews and updates on pot culture in Boulder.

Karing Kind is just off of US-36, just north of Broadway. Open daily, 11a to 7p.