The Karing Kind Labs Pen


The Karing Kind Labs Pen – The All New CO2 Vape Pen From Karing Kind

Vape pens are often praised for cutting many of the harmful toxins and chemicals that come with traditional smoking. That and they are a discreet, odorless way to smoke. They’re perfect for travel and they come in a variety of forms and styles to fit your needs and personality. But with the e-cig and vape pen market booming, many consumers still don’t know how their vape pens actually work. Are all vape pens truly created equal?

To start, let’s acknowledge that when we burn dry plant material, we are inhaling more than THC and CBD. Vape pens, like e-cigs, are an alternative way to “smoke” that cut many of the harmful chemicals. Some vape pens truly act like tiny, portable vaporizers, using a heated metal element that releases the active ingredients in the marijuana rather than burning the plant directly. Others use a convection system and often utilize cartridges where the substance is air-heated, never directly touching the source of heat as with the pen-shaped vaporizers.

But many of these vape pens use an atomization or wicking system that introduces aerosols or chemicals into the vapor you are inhaling. And all of our competitors cut their oil with chemicals like polyethylene glycol (PEG), polypropylene glycol (PPG), glycerin or coconut oil to get them to work. In fact, the vapor produced by many of these vape pens is still not intended or approved to be inhaled into the lungs.

We’ll repeat that: the vapor produced by many vape pens is NOT APPROVED to be inhaled into your lungs.

Introducing the Future of the CO2 Vape Pen.

The brand new, exclusive Karing Kind Labs Pen was specially designed to work with pure oil. We changed the internals, wick system and cartridges to give you a cleaner, healthier experience free from the aerosols and harmful chemicals found in many current vape pens like PEG and glycerin.

The Karing Kind Labs Pen is available starting at only $99, exclusively at Boulder’s first recreational marijuana dispensary: Karing Kind.

Karing Kind is just off of US-36, just north of Broadway. Open daily, 11a to 7p.