6 Tips for Smoking in High Winds


High winds aren’t as fun as they sound. Instead of getting the munchies, high winds knock down trees and power lines. Instead of listening to music or watching a movie, high winds blow out flames and carry away loose bits of marijuana. High winds are nothing new to Boulder County and the Foothills. They were here before cannabis was legalized, and they’ll be here just as long as the mountains are. So how can smokers combat high winds?

The following six tips and tricks will help you enjoy your weed regardless of the wind.

1. Block the Wind 

This one’s a bit obvious, but it’s worth saying again. If the wind is making it hard to light your weed, try to find a way to block the wind. You can cup your hands, use your coat or an umbrella, or try finding a spot that is more sheltered. If that doesn’t work, try cutting a hole in a paper cup to give your joint its own little pocket of wind-resistance. If you already tried these steps with minimal success, what other solutions are available for smoking in high winds?

2. Use a Wind Resistant Lighter

Unlike people, lighters are not all created equal. Some lighters were designed to work in heavy winds, while others seem like they weren’t designed to work at all. Choosing the right lighter can mean the difference between a satisfying windy walk and a day spent soberly and somberly cursing the wind.

The following highly-reviewed windproof lighters – and flameless lighters – offer an alternative solution for those tired of fighting against nature.

3. Don’t light yourself on fire


Again, it sounds obvious, but if you place limbs, sleeves, coats, and or facial hair near a flame that is dancing in the wind, you run a higher risk of lighter mishaps. Even after you succeed in lighting your joint or bowl without singing your beard, high winds may try to rip the cherry right out and blow it down your sleeve or collar.

4. Don’t light other things on fire, either

Smokers should exercise caution on windy days for more than just their personal health. Chances are you’ll be fine if the cherry falls off your joint and blows away. But windy weather, especially on dry days, increases the chances of a mishap. And there are few greater buzzkills than lighting your house – or several thousand acres of the beautiful state of Colorado – on fire. 

5. Use pre-rolled joints

A well-rolled joint will help hold your weed together and does a better job holding the cherry, reducing the number of times you’ll have to fumble with your lighter. If you prefer to roll your own joints, try using two papers to provide a sturdier jay and a more even burn.

6. Use a Vape Pen

When all else fails, you can always turn to your trusty vape pen to get you through the windy weather. Vapes don’t need a flame to heat concentrates (or flower), and their design keeps your marijuana safe from strong gusts even while you’re smoking. Instead of fighting with a lighter, just press a button and enjoy. If you don’t have a vape yet, the Karing Kind Labs Vape Pen is a clean-burning, easy-to-use, and affordable option you’ll love to use.

Win Against the Wind

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