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Marijuana: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Watch Karing Kind owner Dylan Donaldson on an episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver discussing marijuana legalization and the hurdles recreational dispensaries continue to face in an overregulated market.

First Recreational Marijuana Shop Opens In Boulder County


CBS4 Denver

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – The first recreational marijuana store in Boulder County opened its doors on Tuesday. The medicinal pot shop Karing Kind was the first in the county to sell recreational marijuana.


Boulder’s first retail pot shop gets ready to open


Fox31 Denver

BOULDER, Colo. — After months of planning, one former medical marijuana dispensary is expected to re-open Tuesday as Boulder’s first recreational facility. Karing Kind will likely re-open on Tuesday after it receives a state approved license to transform their store from medicinal to recreational marijuana.


I remember my first dispensary: Karing Kind becomes Boulder’s first recreational weed shop



Nearly two months after recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado, Boulder finally has a beautiful, bouncing baby legal weed dispensary to call its own. Aww, we remember our first legal weed.


Recreational marijuana finally arrives in Boulder County


Daily Camera

Nearly two months after they became legal in Colorado, recreational marijuana sales finally arrived in Boulder County as two shops opened their doors Tuesday.


The Vexing Issue of Vape Recycling


Cannabis Dispensary Magazine. “One of the biggest hindrances in the state of Colorado is we can’t have open and used remnant of marijuana products on the licensed premise. We’re not even allowed to be a collection point, which is something we’ve always wanted to do,” Donaldson says. “The legality of it has really hindered us in Colorado.”


The Marijuana Revolution


History Channel. A 360-degree look at the growing industry that is marijuana, including the growers, the smokers, the opponents and the entrepreneurs.


A New Business Partnership Supports Wildlife Rehabilitation in Boulder


About Boulder

As part of their business plan to give back to the community, AboutBoulder’s founder Scott Armstrong will be presenting a check for $300 to the nonprofit organization Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center on behalf of their new advertiser Karing Kind, Boulder’s first recreational marijuana dispensary.  Dylan Donaldson, who founded Karing Kind to provide organic top shelf medicine to Colorado’s medicinal patients, is proud to support the important work of Greenwood.


Le banche Usa fanno la guerra ai venditori di fumo


SetteCorriere della Sera – Sette (the Friday magazine of Corriere della Sera, Italy’s biggest newspaper). Dylan Donaldson è nervoso. È accompagnato da due guardie armate fino ai denti e, come ogni settimana da quando ha aperto un dispensario di marijuana, è il giorno in cui deve trasportare la merce scottante dal suo negozio a un deposito segreto in mezzo alle Rocky Mountains.


The First Bank of Bud 


The New York Times. Dylan Donaldson pays $100,000 a year for armed guards provided by Iron Protection Group, a business owned and operated by vets from Iraq and Afghanistan. They watch his Karing Kind dispensary in Boulder at night.


Alcohol or Marijuana? A Pediatrician Faces the Question


The New York Times. As my children, and my friends’ children, are getting older, a question that comes up again and again from friends is this: Which would I rather my children use — alcohol or marijuana?


Banking for Pot Industry Hits a Roadblock


The New York Times. Banking regulators just said no to a financial institution that aims to be the first to serve the expanding marijuana industry in Colorado.


Fearful of Prosecution, Banks Still Shunning Marijuana Dispensaries


Natural Products Insider

“Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the reform that we would have liked to have seen. The State of Colorado is trying to push co-ops through. But again those require federal approval and until the feds really approve something that the banks are comfortable with, it’s still going to be a logistical hurdle that every business in this industry faces. That’s still a big challenge and one that this industry desperately needs fixed sooner than later.”


Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries Thriving


Natural Products Insider

This video is the seventh part in a series of articles and video documentaries that surveys the state of the legal marijuana and hemp industries.


Banking Relationships Difficult to Maintain in Marijuana Business


Natural Products Insider

As the ninth part in a series of articles and video documentaries that surveys the state of the legal marijuana and hemp industries, this video examines the difficulty marjiuana dispensaries face establishing and maintaining banking relationships.


Colorado Moves to Make Marijuana Edibles Safer After Mans Death, Consumption by Kids


Natural Products Insider

A number of incidents have prompted changes in marijuana policies that are intended to make edibles safer to consume, keep them out of the hands of kids, and educate Coloradans and visitors on the differences between marijuana food and pot that you smoke.


Bipartisan Marijuana Banking Bill Introduced in US Senate


The Denver Post. Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper voiced his support Thursday for a bill that would give legal marijuana businesses access to banking services.


Boulder company sheds light on energy-efficient means for pot growers


The Denver Post. “This demand for new efficiency is really something this industry needs,” Donaldson said. “It’s so inefficient. It’s wasteful.”


BolderGrowlight interview about new CDL light technology


BolderGrowlight. Interview with Karing Kind, first recreational marijuana store in Boulder, Colorado. Best marijuana grow light – More crops, less energy, CDL grow lights are 2 times more efficient than HPS and MH, outperform LED and Induction.

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