New Year Marijuana Resolutions

The new year has started, and you’ve made your resolutions. Or you’re still thinking about your resolutions. Or you think you’ll just pass this year because diet and exercise are hard.

What if, instead of giving up something you love or forcing yourself to do something you hate, you made a marijuana resolution that you could enjoy? You could save money, increase productivity, and improve your health, all while treating yourself to the occasional hit of top-shelf bud from Karing Kind, Boulder’s first recreational marijuana dispensary.

“I want to try new things!”

Karing Kind offers a wide selection of clean-grown bud, pure concentrates, incredible edibles and more, all at the best prices in Boulder. Our rotating menu of top shelf and hard-to-find sativa, indica and hybrid flower makes it easy to explore new strains.

If you prefer edibles, our award-winning budtenders can help you find the best products for your needs and tastes, from a wide selection of THC and CBD gummies to mouthwatering chocolate bars, sea salt caramels, sublingual tablets, dissolvable THC and more.

Maybe you’ve heard about cannabis tinctures, patches, lotions and balms, but you haven’t had cause to branch out and try them yet. What better time than the New Year?

If you’re going to start exercising, our relief balms can provide skin and muscle relief without the psychoactive effects you would get when smoking or enjoying an edible. Or maybe you made a resolution to spend more time with friends or at work and don’t want to feel judged for using marijuana. A cannabis patch provides a steady stream of cannabinoids throughout the day, giving you a simple, subtle way to maintain your high without having to worry about smelling like Green Crack or having weed gummy stuck in your teeth.

“I want to shift from THC to CBD… at least sometimes.”

You may want to start shifting from THC to CBD – at least at times – so you can find pain or anxiety relief without the strong psychoactive effects. But if you haven’t tried CBD products, it can be hard to know where to start. Should you get a strong CBD product or something with a bit of THC and CBD? Or maybe a high CBD, 100% THC-free hemp tincture or lotion?

Karing Kind’s knowledgeable budtenders and wide selection of CBD strains, edibles and patches make it easy to find the right product for your needs

“I don’t want to spend as much money on weed.”

Your budget can take a hit when you find yourself going through your supply faster than planned. If you have already cut back on how often you smoke, there may still be ways you can stretch your weed and save your wallet.

There is something nostalgic about joints for many of us, but they aren’t terribly efficient. Weed is burned away as the joint is held or passed, and there is often a pocket of unsmoked green that ends up getting tossed with the roach. If you roll your own joints, pieces of marijuana can fall and get lost or stick to your fingers. You’re also spending extra time preparing every joint you roll; time that could be spent accomplishing other New Year’s Resolutions, like reading or cooking.

If you want your weed to last longer without necessarily smoking less often, consider checking out our selection of locally-crafted glass pipes and one-hitters. Just like eating slow can help you realize you’re full before you overeat, taking individual hits instead of powering through a joint can help you control your high and stretch your supply.

Finally, become a Karing Kind member for access to our daily deals and anywhere from 10-25 percent off part or all of your order. You can become a Karing Kind member or let us know your favorite products to join our email list and get $10 off your next purchase of $50 or more.

“I want to be healthier this year.”

Marijuana consumption doesn’t have to be an unhealthy habit, and there are a few simple steps you can take to enjoy a healthier smoking experience. First, shop Karing Kind for a wide selection of environmentally friendly, locally-grown marijuana strains and pure CO2 concentrates and vape pens. We care about your health and your marijuana experience, and we don’t use harmful or unnatural chemicals on any of our strains.

If you are trying to exercise more or eat less, consider asking our budtenders for advice the next time you stop by the store. You may be feel more productive or energized on certain strains than others. Similarly, some strains may make you want to fall into the couch and eat a pizza. By planning your smoking schedule – and what you smoke – you can develop healthier habits and have greater success sticking to a new diet or exercise routine.

Enjoy the New Year Responsibly

However your year has gone, the next one is an opportunity to start fresh and move in a new direction. And with Karing Kind open 7-days a week and offering exclusive deals and the state’s lowest marijuana tax rate, it’s looking like a good year.

Karing Kind is located just off of US-36, one mile north of Broadway, open daily from 9am to 10pm.

While we carry a variety of strains, concentrates, edibles, salves and tinctures, inventory and stock levels fluctuate from week to week and month to month. Check our menu and follow us on Twitter for an up-to-date list of edibles, concentrates and buds available now.