Marijuana Vote Results for 2016

marijuana-vote-results-2016(From the 2016 Archives)

The election season that sometimes felt like it would never end is finally over. While the news focused on the presidency and social media focused on melting down, nine states were quietly deciding whether or not to approve recreational or medical marijuana. And, the results were something to be excited about.

It was a presidential election year, which usually means there are more new and independent voters than other years. And, this may have had an impact on a number of important down-ballot issues like recreational and medical marijuana voting. In the end, four of five states voted to legalize recreational marijuana: California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada. All four states considering medical marijuana (or extending existing medical marijuana legislation) voted in favor of the measures.

This week’s vote could mark a tipping point for marijuana legislation at the national level, doubling the number of states with legal recreational weed and meaning there are now more states with medical marijuana than those without.

2016 Recreational Marijuana Vote Results

Eight states and Washington, DC have now legalized recreational marijuana. Here’s a quick breakdown of the five states that voted on recreational marijuana this year.

Arizona – DID NOT PASS

Prop 205 failed to pass with a vote of 52% against. Polls were close as Election Day approached, but momentum seemed to be in favor of legalization. With close polling in a presidential election year, there was never a guarantee that recreational marijuana would be legalized this year. But, this result may still come as a surprise to many hopeful Arizona residents. Medical marijuana is already legal in Arizona.

California – PASSED

Polling had left some room for doubt about how this vote would turn out, but California’s Prop 64 passed with a vote of 56 percent in favor. As the largest state in the U.S. and a legislative trendsetter, this is a big step toward changing national marijuana laws and raising public perception even further. Medical marijuana is already legal in California.

Maine – PASSED

If you thought all the results were in on election day, you must have forgotten to keep an eye on Maine’s Question 1 vote. This was an exciting race to watch (if you’re into refreshing your browser for 48 hours), and it all came down to less than 3,000 votes, or one half of one percent of all votes cast. With a vote this close there may be calls for a recount. Medical marijuana is already legal in Maine.

Massachusetts – PASSED

Massachusetts voted to legalize marijuana for private recreational use with a vote of 54 percent in favor. The residents of Massachusetts seemed amenable to private use and the opening of a dispensary in their community, which means the state could see faster growth than those where dispensaries face heavier opposition from local communities. Medical marijuana is already legal in Massachusetts.

Nevada – PASSED

Polling suggested Nevada’s Question 2 could have gone in either direction. But, when the votes had been tallied, recreational marijuana passed with a vote of 54 percent against. Medical marijuana is already legal in Nevada.

2016 Medical Marijuana Vote Results

Twenty-eight states and Washington, DC have now legalized recreational marijuana. Here’s a brief look at the four states that voted on medical marijuana this year.

Arkansas – PASSED

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment (Issue 6) passed with 53 percent of the vote. There was some confusion leading up to November voting as Arkansas had two similar but separate medical marijuana ballot initiatives. In the end, due to invalid signatures, Issue 7 was struck from the ballot, which may have helped increase support for the remaining initiative.

Florida – PASSED

Florida’s Amendment 2 passed with an impressive 71 percent of voters in favor of the measure. This marks Florida’s second attempt to legalize medical marijuana, and many ailing residents are breathing a sigh of relief.

Montana – PASSED

With the passing of Montana’s I-182 initiative, Montana has repealed a three-patient limit placed on doctors who prescribe medical marijuana and increased the number of qualifying conditions. Fifty-seven percent of residents voted in favor of the initiative. Marijuana was legalized for medical use in Montana in 2004.

North Dakota – PASSED

North Dakota residents nearly had the opportunity to vote on recreational marijuana legalization, but the ballot fell short of the required signatures. So, they didn’t waste their opportunity to vote on medical marijuana this year, passing the North Dakota Compassionate Care Act with a vote of 64 percent in favor.

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