Marijuana News: May Roundup

marijuana news roundup

(From the 2017 archives)

We’re only a few days into May and there’s already too much exciting marijuana news to fit it all in one post. But, we’re going to try anyway.

Don’t panic, though! Most of the news is good. And, you know what? You’ve earned it.

So sit back, grab a joint or a cup of THC-infused hot chocolate, and catch up on the latest marijuana news and bud bulletins.

  • Gov. Hickenlooper Doesn’t Expect Federal Crackdown
  • Congress Expected to Renew Medical Marijuana Protections
  • NFL Commissioner May Be Warming to Medical Marijuana
  • Florida to Allow Medical Marijuana… But You Can’t Smoke It

CO Gov. Hickenlooper Doesn’t Expect a Federal Marijuana Crackdown

After meeting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper said he doesn’t think a federal marijuana crackdown is coming – at least not right away. There still may be changes at the federal level, but Hickenlooper noted that while Sessions is opposed to legalization, he understands that was the will of the voters in Colorado and an increasing number of other states.

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Congress Expected to Renew Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment

The past few months have brought medical marijuana patients and business owners on a wild, bumpy ride. Everyone has been trying to anticipate whether there would be any changes to federal medical marijuana policies. Well, the wait may be over.

Congress is expected to pass a budget bill this week that would include the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment. The amendment prohibits federal funds from interfering with the implementation of state-level medical marijuana laws.

Read more in this Huffington Post article.

NFL Commissioner May Be Warming to Marijuana

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he is open to considering marijuana as a treatment method for player pain. Medical marijuana is now available in more than half the U.S., and it may be time to update the NFL’s medical marijuana policy. But, he has a number of reservations and it sounds like a change will only take place if it is done responsibly and in a way that limits negative effects, both short and long-term.

Read more at the Denver Post.

Florida’s Medical Marijuana Growing Pains

The Florida House just passed legislation that would put Florida’s new medical marijuana program into effect. Hooray, right? Well, despite 71 percent of voters coming out in favor of medical marijuana, the process isn’t going smoothly in Sunshine State. And, a number of restrictions introduced last-minute to the bill have many people upset.

One of the biggest points of contention is a ban on smoking that would prevent medical patients from ingesting cannabis in the most common – and fast-acting – form. Opponents also claim new license limitations will raise the price and lower the quality and accessibility of the prescription drug. Supporters of the bill argue the restrictions were added in an attempt to keep Florida on the right side of federal marijuana laws.

Read more at the Miami Herald.

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