marijuana and meditation

Marijuana & Meditation: Better Together

Marijuana and meditation are like long lost twins: more alike than different, and generally better together.

Both have been around for thousands of years. Both have been a source of peace and introspection, helping people slow down and appreciate their surroundings. Meditation and marijuana have each served as a way to reduce tension or pain. They can help their users unwind after a long day or feel calm and in control upon waking up each morning.

Both practices have been shown to support greater physical and emotional health, though studies are often met with some skepticism. And, focused breathing is an essential component to get the most out of either cannabis or meditation, according to many practitioners.

With so many similarities, it only makes sense the two would go well together.

Pot & Poses: A Historic Pairing

In addition to producing many of the same effects in practitioners, cannabis and meditation (and yoga) have a historical and religious connection for many people. Sadhus are wandering holy men in India widely revered for their piety and knowledge. These individuals often spend their lives meditating, traveling and, in some cases, getting very high.

The prevalence of hash among the Sadhu – as well as other religious groups and sects – has given cannabis a degree of historical and spiritual legitimacy for many users.

How to Combine Marijuana & Meditation

Before adding THC and/or CBD to your meditation routine – or before adding meditation to your marijuana routine – consider your goals. A nice indica can help relax your body and slow your thoughts, melting away distracting thoughts so you can drift into meditation. Speaking of drifting in, try to find a place where you can slide from smoking right to meditating without having to change locations.

You might also prefer a CBD concentrate or edible to help manage pain and stress without the psychoactive effects of THC. This can be particularly beneficial if you find yourself becoming distracted while meditating or doing yoga after smoking pot.

Finally, focus on your breathing. Deep breath in. Hold. And release.

What Are the Best Strains for Meditating?

The best strains to smoke before or during meditation or yoga are subjective and will depend on your own preference. First, consider your goals: are you trying to quiet an overactive mind or open yourself to new experiences and opportunities, for example?

Next, consider the obstacles that may be holding you back. If your mind starts racing every time you sit down to meditate, consider a relaxing indica. On the flip side, if you regularly fall asleep while meditating, you might want to try an uplifting sativa or hybrid, like Blue Dream or Golden Goat. Check our menu or call to see what strains we have in stock.

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