Smiling Woman Smelling Cannabis Plant

5 Dank Marijuana Gift Ideas for Your Cannabae

Smiling Woman Smelling Cannabis Plant

Image by DimStock from Pixabay

With recreational cannabis being legalized in many states across the country, we’re seeing a growing number of cannabis-themed products and paraphernalia – from pipes and bongs to lotions, clothing, and monthly box subscriptions – that can be purchased and enjoyed at home.

If your significant other loves cannabis and has a birthday or anniversary coming up (or you just want to thank them for keeping the bong clean), here are five great marijuana gift ideas for your cannabae.

cannabis subcription box

Image by Harry Strauss from Pixabay

1. A Subscription Box for Cannabis Smokers

Our first marijuana gift re-imagines the classic subscription box. The Big Stoner Box from Me Time Box contains a variety of smoking and cannabis-related items, such as premium glass pieces, rolling papers, grinders, one hitters and other cool accessories. They have just about everything that a cannabis lover needs to partake in their favorite hobby.

Order a single box or sign up for a monthly subscription full of fresh new goodies that your partner may have never tried before. These cannabis-themed boxes are also delivered in discreet packaging (if that is important to you or your partner).

cannabis cookbook

Image by Mimzy from Pixabay

2. A Marijuana Cookbook

There are a growing number of consumers who prefer cannabis edibles. They’re tasty, precisely dosed, and they’re easier to microdose or find CBD options if you prefer to reduce or avoid the psychoactive high that comes with THC. Cannabis can be added directly to food, infused into cannabutter or oils, and even included in beverages. It is a very discreet way to consume, and the effects are generally quite strong and long-lasting.

You could stop by the dispensary to buy edibles for your loved one, or you could help them create their own with a cannabis cookbooks full of deliciously unique ways to add a little weed to their favorite meals, drinks, snacks or baking.

3. A Quality Cannabis Carrying Case

Another great option for a marijuana-themed gift is a quality carrying or storage case. It can be a big job moving a stockpile of cannabis from one place to another. Not only is there a lot to move, but the scent of your stash, pipes, and other accessories might give away just what you’re transporting.

A quality cannabis carrying case (like this bag from SMART STASH) will not only have a place for everything to make transport easy, but will also eliminate the smell and may even help to control the humidity, as well. Even if your significant other doesn’t travel with their cannabis, a stylish marijuana carrying case offers a great (and well organized) storage solution  to keep their favorite items safe, sound and hidden away.

Image by R+R Medicinals from Pixabay

4. Some Marijuana-Infused Lotions, Soaps or Other Products

If your loved one enjoys the medical and therapeutic benefits of cannabis but doesn’t want to get high, you can’t go wrong with a basket of marijuana-infused lotions, soaps and creams. Cannabis has long been used to treat pain, arthritis, inflammation and various other ailments and conditions, and many companies have released products boasting localized relief without the psychoactive effects that come with smoking or vaping weed. No matter what scent or product your partner prefers, there is probably one infused with either THC or CBD (or both).

5. A New Pipe or Bong

If your loved one is in desperate need of a new pipe or bong, your gift-shopping just got easier. Many of these accessories are quite affordable, and you can find them in a variety of stores, both online and in-person.

They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Some are very subtle and laid-back, whereas others are large, in your face and could easily double as a piece of art. No matter the tastes your partner has, a quick search online (or a trip to your local dispensary to browse their cannabis accessories) is sure to reveal a bong or pipe that they will adore.

Whatever the cannabis lover in your life is into, we want to wish you luck finding the perfect marijuana-themed gift.