Lemon Skunk Trichomes

Lemon Skunk (Strain Review)

Lemon Skunk Trichomes


THC: typically 15-22%, can range up to 32%

Effects: uplifting, unfocused, calming
Flavor: skunky, sweet, lemon

Genetics: award-winning descendant of two tangy lemon Skunk phenotypes

Uplifting and introspective, this hunger-inducing sativa elevates the mind while the body gradually sinks into deeper relaxation.

Lemon Skunk Strain Review

Lemon Skunk may be the most accurately named strain in the world. If a cute baby skunk spritzed you with lemon juice then asked thought-provoking questions while eating citrus, you’d get this highly sought after sativa. Long orange hairs wind around frosty buds, giving this strain the appearance of Ron Weasley stuck in a snow storm. 

With an unmistakable skunky, zesty lemon drop aroma and taste, this mood-elevating, peppy sativa-dominant strain often provokes self-examination, creativity, and hunger all while shortening the attention span (Squirrel!) and gradually numbing the body for an uplifting yet somewhat lazy experience.


A great strain to wake and bake with on your day off or to enjoy on a long road trip (if someone else is driving). Whether you’re going for a short hike, throwing on your favorite series, watching dogs complete an agility course, or organizing your collection of Pokemon cards, Lemon Skunk provides the ideal energy: uplifted, calm, and thoughtful.

Not Recommended For...

While Lemon Skunk is sativa-dominant, it’s calming, numbing effects on the body lend it an air of indica that can leave you feeling a little lazy and unfocused. As such, we recommend avoiding Lemon Skunk if you have a particularly long or demanding day ahead of you. That’s not to say you won’t enjoy the light, peppy, distracted high as you hit the trails or clean your car… just that it may take you a little longer than usual.

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