Lemon Diesel Oil – Hybrid

LemondeiseloilLemon Diesel Oil – Hybrid

Lemon Diesel is the Hybrid child of Hybrids. A cross between California Sour and Lost Coast OG, Lemon Diesel is a med to med-low THC strain with a high that can sneak up on you. And now, using CO2 extraction, Lemon Diesel oil at Karing Kind raises its game to a healthy 69 percent THC, delivering the same euphoric feeling with a concentrated punch. I had heard about the sweet, citrusy aroma and, anxious to try, I filled up my Karing Kind Labs Pen.

The Lemon Diesel oil reminded me of lemon squares, if lemon squares were a bit more tame and loaded with THC. The flavor was sweet and aromatic and left a citrus-berry aftertaste. The high that followed rose steadily and comfortably like a hot air balloon, and after a few hits from my dab globe I felt “floaty” but completely in control. I was euphoric and focused, and I imagine if you put a Rubix Cube in front of me I would have worked on it tirelessly for at least 30-minutes before realizing I had no idea how to solve it. I felt as happy and carefree as I had in weeks, and I could direct my energy any way I chose, making Lemon Diesel the perfect companion for… well… just about anything.

Recommendations: Lemon Diesel is an uplifting strain particularly well-suited to reducing stress. If you struggle with anxiety or you are overworked, Lemon Diesel can help you take a much-needed break without feeling guilty about it. The Sativa-dominant high means you won’t be glued to the couch unless you want to be.

Not Good For: Lemon Diesel isn’t particularly well-suited if you are looking for a strain to manage pain, increase appetite or combat insomnia. There are those who swear by Lemon Diesel’s pain-fighting qualities, but your Karing Kind budtender can help you find a more effective strain if you are struggling with pain, lack of appetite or difficulty sleeping.

Lemon Diesel CO2 Oil and is available at Karing Kind on Rawhide Ct, off US-36 just north of Broadway in Boulder, CO.

While we carry Lemon Diesel concentrates, inventory and stock levels fluctuate from week to week and month to month. Check our menu and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @KaringKind for an up-to-date list of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid concentrates and flowers available now.

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