lemon deisel

Lemon Diesel Strain

lemon deisel


Effects: euphoric, focused, builds with time

Flavor: sweet, citrus, berry, diesel

Lemon Diesel is the Hybrid child of Hybrids. A cross between California Sour and Lost Coast OG, it’s a med to med-low THC strain with a sneaky, sativa-like high that builds over time.

The flavor is sweet and aromatic with a citrus-berry aftertaste, like a toned down lemon square loaded with THC. The high rises steadily and comfortably like a hot air balloon, leaving users feeling “floaty” but completely in control. Euphoric and focused, happy and carefree, you could read a book, go for a run, or sit down and work tirelessly on a Rubix Cube for 30 minutes before realizing you have no idea how to solve it. With a slowly building high that lets you direct your energy any way you chose, Lemon Diesel is the perfect companion for… well… just about anything.

Recommendations: Lemon Diesel is an uplifting strain particularly well-suited to reducing stress. It can help you take a much-needed break and focus on self-care without feeling guilty about it. And the Sativa-dominant high means you won’t be glued to the couch unless you want to be.

Not Good For: Lemon Diesel isn’t particularly well-suited if you are looking for a strain to increase your appetite or combat insomnia; you aren’t likely to pass out early or eat an entire pizza by yourself.

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