420 friendly housing

Finding 420 Friendly Housing in Boulder

420 friendly housing

Marijuana is legal for recreational use, but many residents and visitors are struggling to find a place where they are permitted to smoke. Public consumption of marijuana – whether you are smoking or eating edibles – is illegal in Colorado. And with strict public consumption laws and a lack of pot cafés and other approved marijuana venues, your home may be one of the only places you are legally allowed to smoke.

But that isn’t the case for all renters in Boulder. Many landlords state within their lease that there is no smoking either in the home or on the property. Others won’t even allow possession of marijuana. Is this legal when marijuana is legal in the state? How can you find a 420 friendly landlord? And if you can’t smoke at home or in public, where can you smoke?

Why Can’t I Have Weed in My Apartment When It’s Legal in Colorado?

While marijuana is legal for recreational use in Colorado, federal laws still classify marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance. So, while some landlords may prohibit marijuana in rental properties because they don’t approve of the drug, many others are simply trying to cover themselves from potential legal issues. Others are concerned about damage to property value from the odor of marijuana smoke or the humidity required to cultivate marijuana plants.

State law allows landlords to prohibit the use or possession of marijuana in a rental property, and you should check your lease before bringing marijuana into your apartment or house. If marijuana is clearly prohibited in or on the property, recreational users who break their lease may not have much legal recourse if their landlord chooses to evict them.

The issue becomes a little more complicated, however, with medical marijuana. Federal law still prohibits the use of marijuana, and landlords or property owners may feel legally obligated to adhere to federal laws when there is a conflict with state laws, particularly in subsidized housing. But many states prohibit housing discrimination based on medical conditions. And since federal funds can no longer be used to prosecute medical marijuana patients, landlords may not be able to rely as heavily on federal law should a case go to court.

But does that mean a medical marijuana patient can smoke in their apartment if the lease prohibits marijuana possession or use? From a legal standpoint, the issue is still up for some debate. If your lease clearly prohibits marijuana, you may find that the only place you can legally consume the drug is at a marijuana club or 420 friendly venue. But such locations can be hard to find in Boulder. You can’t just stop by the local pub for a joint, and if you try to order a bowl at a restaurant they’ll just bring you soup.

Whether you are a recreational smoker or a medical marijuana patient, your most convenient option in the long run will be to find 420 friendly housing and a landlord that clearly states he or she will allow the use of marijuana in or on the property.

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How to Search for 420 Friendly Apartments

Many landlords, realtors and hotels are beginning to realize that there is a great deal of money to be made by catering to marijuana consumers… or at least in tolerating marijuana use. But that doesn’t mean it is easy to find marijuana friendly rentals, as many smokers can attest. So what are your options?

Search General Apartment & Housing Websites

General apartment and rental sites offer a superior number of listings to look through and are an obvious place to start your search. But, fewer and fewer major housing/apartment rental sites have a way to narrow listings to only those that allow smoking. And, even when you can narrow results to listings that allow smoking, some realtors may allow cigarettes while still prohibiting marijuana. Others may allow you to smoke outside so long as your neighbors aren’t disturbed by the smell, but by the time you move far enough away from the building you are at risk of receiving a ticket for public consumption. Even 420 friendly landlords and realtors may not clearly indicate that they allow smoking, at least not in a way that you can search and filter.

Without an easy way to sort for 420 friendly apartments, you may spend time researching dozens of promising places only to call and find out marijuana is prohibited. Surely there is a better way.

Specialized 420 Apartment & Housing Websites

A number of specialized websites have begun popping up to help Colorado residents and visitors find 420 friendly apartments and lodging. Sites like ColoradoPotGuide.com and WeedRentals.com offer a great starting place, but they are still growing their list of 420 friendly apartments and rentals, and you might be hard pressed to find the right place if you limit your search to only these sites.

Check Craigslist for “420 Friendly”

If you come up empty while searching other apartment and housing sites, consider trying Craigslist. Many of the individuals posting rooms, units or looking for roommates understand that marijuana is a part of the Colorado culture, and they clearly state in their ad whether or not they allow marijuana.

Word of Mouth

Keep your ears and eyes open, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If your friends smoke, ask them about their landlord’s stance on marijuana. Some property owners and managers are more willing or able to accommodate marijuana consumers than others. Speaking directly to property managers allows you to clarify their stance and show that you respect how they wish to run the property, thereby potentially adding your name to the top of the waiting list. The building’s marijuana policy may be a key factor in your decision, but try to spend the extra time discussing the apartment or unit and its other amenities before bringing up weed. Even lenient landlords may have doubts if your first question is, “Can I get high here?”

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