Best Buds 2020 Awards

Karing Kind Best Buds 2020

Best Buds 2020 Awards

Let’s end 2020 on a high note with our first annual Best Bud awards. We look at the top selling strains and products at Karing Kind.

Best Bud 2020 Winners

Best Cannabis Strain

Creamsicle Strain Flyer

Honorable Mention: Sour Band

Creamsicle is a hybrid strain from FreeWorld Genetics. This backcross of Clementine Kush x Ghost OG Moonshine IBL offers a calm, mellow high with a smooth uplift and sustained effects, all delivered with a creamy citrus-kush aroma.

One of the hottest new Karing Kind strains, Creamsicle is joined by a true classic in Sour Band: a frosty sativa cross of the popular Sour Diesel and Headband with an energetic, focused and creative high.

Best Edible

NFuzed Cannabis Sour Gummies

Honorable Mention: Wana Sativa & Indica Gummies

It’s been the year of the infused gummy at Karing Kind.

The 10pk of Sour Gummies from NFuzed delivers 100mg of THC in mouthwatering infused gummies for just $9.99 pre-tax, making it one of our top edibles week in and week out.

Not to be outdone, Wana gummies all sold well in 2020, led by their 100mg THC Sativa and Indica options.

Best Extract


Honorable Mention: Karing Kind Labs 500mg Disposable Vape Pens

Our top seller of the year across all categories, 1g syringes from Karing Kind Labs deliver pure CO2 Gold Cannabis Oil in a variety of strains at a great price. Refill your pen, carts, do a dab, line a joint, or top a bowl. 

Our honorable mention for Best Extract goes to the Karing Kind Labs 500mg disposable vape pens. These strain-specific pens are preloaded with 500mg of our pure CO2 Gold Oil for an easy-to-use alternative to traditional vape pens. And when you’re done, just toss it in with your trash or recycling.

Best Preroll

Joint Discount daily deal email image

Honorable Mention: Kaviar 1.5g Joints

Even with a pandemic putting the kibosh on most social smoking, preroll joints continued to sell like hotcakes in 2020. Our top selling prerolls were the 1g joints packed with Karing Kind in-house flower.

Following up our in-house joints were Kaviar’s infused 1.5 gram prerolls, with Indica outperforming their Hybrid and Sativa options.

Best Topical

Escape Artists Fast Relief CBD Cream

Honorable Mention: Escape Artists Mentholated Pro Sport 20:1 Recovery Cream

There’s nothing like a high quality CBD topical cream for reducing localized pain and relieving sore muscles. Given Escape Artists commitment to quality and their recent partnership with the Wildland Firefighter Foundation to support firefighters and their families, we’re excited to see them take home the top two products for Best Topical 2020. Their Lavender 1:1 and Menthol 20:1 deliver superior bioavailability for fast relief for all skin types.

Start 2021 with the Best Buds in Boulder

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