How to Video: Troubleshooting

FAQs + Vape Pen Troubleshooting Tips for Button Activated Karing Kind Labs Vape Pens and CO2 Oil Cartridges

*Our 5-10 thread vape pen has changed over time. Please refer to the FAQs below for the most up-to-date information. If you can’t find the answers you need in the video above or content below, stop by our recreational dispensary in North Boulder or call 303-449-9333 (WEED) to speak with one of our award-winning budtenders.

What does it mean if the battery lights up but I can’t inhale?

This could mean that you are either out of oil or that your battery is defective. If you have tried charging your pen and checking the oil but still can’t take a draw, give us a call or bring in your Karing Kind Labs vape pen to our location in North Boulder and we’ll help you troubleshoot. If it turns out your battery is defective, we’ll get you squared away with a new pen.

What if my vaporizer battery isn’t lighting up?

First, try tapping the button five times to make sure it’s on. Next, plug in your vaporizer for at least 10-15 minutes to see if it needs a charge. If you still aren’t able to take a draw from your vaporizer, bring your pen into our recreational marijuana dispensary in North Boulder to speak with one of our award-winning budtenders for help troubleshooting (or to pick up a new pen if yours can’t be repaired).

Do you sell strain-specific cartridges or refills?

We offer sativa, indica, hybrid and CBD cartridges for our 5-10 thread vape pen. Or pick up a 1.0g CO2 oil syringe pre-loaded with our CO2 Gold Oil. If you are looking for something low-cost that you can take on the go without worrying about forgetting it somewhere, we recommend trying one of our disposable vape pens.

What’s the difference between disposables and refillables?

Unlike our inhale-activated disposable vape pens, our 5-10 thread button-activated vaporizer is refillable and rechargeable so you can swap in your favorite oils and concentrates easily and while you’re on the go.

Can I use other concentrates in my Karing Kind vape pen?

While you can refill your 5-10 thread vaporizer with oil syringes or our pre-filled cartridges, the Karing Kind Labs vape pen isn’t designed for all concentrates. You may have some trouble placing wax, shatter, and other extracts into an empty cartridge. If you prefer dabbing on the go, or if you want your vape pen to have a reservoir that can hold any concentrate, we do sell refillable vaporizers that work with raw concentrates.