Grape Ape Indica Strain Karing Kind

Grape Ape Strain

Grape Ape Indica Strain Karing Kind


Grape Ape is a mid-range THC strain that carries a sweet, grape-berry aroma you can taste as you inhale. Purple-red vines weave throughout the densely packed nuggets, which I thought gave the smaller nugs the color of grapes as well as the trademark scent. The bud hit smoothly and I was immediately aware that I had smoked pot.

I felt like I wanted to get things done, whether those things were writing this Grape Ape review or watching every episode of Daredevil on Netflix. I felt floaty – like a balloon on a string or a buoy in the ocean. I was able to flow with the world around me without getting carried away. After a brief period of energy and productivity that accompanied the mental high I was experiencing, my body started to catch up. The weed I had smoked seemed to remember it was an Indica and suddenly I wanted to lie in bed with a snack and a movie or book. My head was still bobbing pleasantly with the current, but my body was beginning to feel a little heavier. I felt happier and less stressed than I had been all weekend. My eyes and mouth were drier than they had been all weekend as well, and one hour after smoking I was ready for a nap.


Recommendations: Grape Ape can help you wind down from a stressful day, quickly calming your mind while easing you into your body high. Video games go well with Grape Ape, and you may even get some cooking or cleaning done if you start right away.

Not Good For: Grape Ape probably isn’t your friend if you have to be very productive for longer than 5 or 10 minutes. While it can help with stress and pain, there are more effective strains than Grape Ape in treating depression and muscle spasms.

Grape Ape and its big brother Infused Grape Ape are available at Karing Kind on Rawhide Ct, off US-36 just north of Broadway in Boulder, CO.

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