What Gov. Hickenlooper Learned from Legalization

marijuana vape legalizationLike all politicians, Governor John Hickenlooper receives calls from other politicians to discuss policy. Unlike most politicians, however, Gov. Hickenlooper spends a fair amount of his time talking about pot.

You learn a lot of marijuana legalization lessons when you’re responsible for creating and implementing some of the nation’s first recreational cannabis laws. And for governors in states considering legalization, there are few – if any – more experienced individuals than Hickenlooper when it comes to creating and implementing state-level marijuana policy.

Even though the Colorado governor had opposed marijuana legalization in Colorado, he has done an admirable job implementing the new laws, leading Colorado to a budget surplus and lower teen drug use.

Marijuana Legalization Lessons: What We Learned 4 Years Later

Marijuana advocates are quick to point to the many successes Colorado has had in legalizing recreational weed. But marijuana legalization hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Certain regulations the state had seemed arbitrary – like the lower limit for marijuana tourists. At the same time, there were a number of regulations that were not in place when pot was first legalized that could have made for a safer transition.

Regulating Edibles

Governor Hickenlooper advises other states to regulate edibles more carefully from the start. While Colorado has worked hard to revise and improve legislation in recent years – from lowering edible purchase limits to requiring more resealable, childproof packaging – edibles have presented a unique safety challenge.

Cookies, gummies, and many other THC treats look just like candy to many children, and studies showed that the year after marijuana legalization, more children were brought to the hospital or poison control for ingesting cannabis than the previous four years combined.

Taxes & Banking Restrictions

Marijuana is illegal at the federal level, meaning that banks and credit card companies could feasibly be charged with money laundering if they were to do business with marijuana growers or dispensaries. This means recreational dispensaries have to operate as largely cash-only businesses (ironically increasing the chances for money laundering).

Cash-only businesses are also natural targets of theft. And as a $1 billion a year business in Colorado, banking restrictions have made many store owners and budtenders feel less safe.

Governor Hickenlooper has pushed for Congress to pass legislation that would prevent financial institutions or state-chartered banks from being penalized for working with the marijuana industry. And with the number of recreational marijuana states rapidly increasing, it is looking more and more likely that federal laws will have to change to keep up with state-level changes.

Marijuana is taxed at a 10% in Colorado, with local and special taxes bringing the total number to around 15% for Karing Kind and over 20% for a majority of recreational dispensaries.

This tax brought more than $135 million to the state in 2016. Sin taxes aren’t uncommon for products like marijuana – alcohol and cigarettes are actually taxed at a higher rate. But Gov. Hickenlooper isn’t sure we have the numbers quite right, wanting to maximize state funds while keeping the sin tax from climbing too high (where it might encourage black market sales).

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