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Did You Get a Pet Skunk? 9 Tips to Eliminate Weed Smell


For many cannabis consumers, the smell of marijuana can be comforting – almost inviting. But even if you absolutely love the smell, that doesn’t mean you want to wear it like a perfume. The lingering smell of smoke can reduce the value of your home or property, not to mention upset roommates with sensitive noses. The scent of marijuana in your car can – in some cases – lead to a DUI citation. And you may struggle to be taken seriously in your daily life, career, or relationships if you always smell like pot smoke.

You might not fit the stereotype of a stoner, but you probably don’t want to encourage it.

There are countless reasons you might want to eliminate weed smell while smoking or storing your cannabis, and these nine tips can help. But with great power comes great responsibility, and we advocate responsible, legal consumption as well as offer a variety of articles and resources to help you understand marijuana laws, where you can consume, and how you can do so responsibly and legally.

Eliminate Weed Smell While Smoking

1. Choose a well-ventilated spot

Choosing a well-ventilated spot gives marijuana smoke a place to go, reducing how much will cling to you or – if you’re smoking indoors – your carpet, walls, and furniture. If your landlord and location allow for legal consumption of marijuana, try stepping outside the next time you want to smoke. Additionally, spending time in the sun can help neutralize clingy odors. And, let’s face it, Colorado is a great place to spend time outdoors.


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2. Put your hair up & change clothes

If you’re smoking at home and it’s an option, change your shirt or coat after you smoke. Similarly, pulling your hair back or throwing on a hat while you smoke can reduce how much odor your hair absorbs. When you’re done smoking, you can slip into a new shirt and let down your hair where the fresh air will help remove any remaining traces.


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3Use a doob tube

Perfect if you’re in a crowded neighborhood or apartment complex where smoking is allowed but maybe not always appreciated. Stuff a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll with scented dryer sheets and exhale through the tube (step-by-step doob tube instructions). Now it will just seem like you do a lot of laundry.

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4. Get an air purifier

If you smoke indoors (make sure you have your landlord’s approval if you rent) an air purifier can reduce the build-up of smoke smell on the carpet, walls, and furniture.

5. Try vaping

Vaping delivers a more concentrated hit than traditional bud without the obvious or lingering odor. Plus, vaping can reduce many of the health risks associated with smoking. Never vaped before? Try the Karing Kind Labs Vape Pen for a discreet, clean-burning, easy-to-use portable vaporizer.

6. Use edibles, tinctures, or patches

Okay, so consuming edibles or throwing on a THC patch isn’t smoking. But if your main goal is to get high without smelling like you just got high, edibles, tinctures, and patches offer a simple solution.

Rebel Edibles Infused Caramels

Eliminate Weed Smell While Storing Marijuana

7. Keep the original packaging

In many cases, the packaging in which you purchase your marijuana will serve as an effective first step in blocking unwanted odors. Don’t toss this packaging out until you know you have another spot to securely and discreetly store your weed.

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8. Grab some bags

Your standard resealable plastic baggie may not completely mask the scent of marijuana, but it’s a good place to start if you don’t have storage or if you’re looking for more. And because baggies are nice and small, you can double-up on your scent-reducing techniques, putting a bag of weed into an odor-absorbing container.


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9. Use odor-absorbing or air-tight containers

You can buy specialized odor-absorbing containers designed specifically for storing marijuana, or you can try repurposing items originally intended for food or medicine storage. Many food-storage items at the local store offer an airtight seal, and you can usually find a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Be sure to thoroughly clean the container you plan on using, especially if you are reusing an item that has stored food, medicine, or other materials in the past.


Any one of these techniques can help reduce the smell while smoking or storing cannabis. And if you’re really concerned about the scent, you can even combine them all: vape outside through a doob tube before storing your cannabis in a resealable bag within an odor-absorbant container next to an air purifier.

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