Gelato Cake Indica Strain Karing Kind

Gelato Cake (Strain Review)

Gelato Cake Indica Strain Karing Kind


THC: typically 18-23%

Effects: sleepy, relaxing, hungry
Flavor: sweet, fruity, lavender

Genetics: Gelato #33 x Wedding Cake

With strong sedative effects that can last hours, Gelato Cake has become a nighttime favorite of consumers around the world.

Gelato Cake Strain Review

Part of the Cookie strain family, Gelato Cake is a potent indica best reserved for experienced users. Known to cause strong full-body sedation which can last several hours, most consumers prefer to enjoy this powerhouse before bed or during a relaxing night at home watching movies or snuggling up with a loved one.

Some consumers turn to Gelato Cake for its ability to relieve stiffness, reduce stress, and stimulate the appetite. Many growers value Gelato Cake’s unique flavor profile and creamy, berry, gassy and vanilla frosting aromas. Colorful nugs range from deep green to purple with bright orange pistils, so every eighth looks as good as it tastes.

Gelato Cake has become a regular part of our strain selection at Karing Kind, and may be available in eighths, prerolls, or shake. While this indica has become a nighttime favorite for cannabis consumers around the world, it’s relaxing, euphoric effects have made it popular with all evening smokers, whether you’re headed to bed or falling down a Netflix or YouTube rabbit hole.


Gelato Cake is ideal for evening and late night smoking. Deep full body relaxation is accompanied by a euphoric, happy head high. If you’re tired, this strain may help you drift off into a cozy slumber. If you’re wide awake, Gelato Cake can calm your nerves and help you relax with a good movie and a bowl of popcorn.

Not Recommended For...

Heavy sedative effects mean Gelato Cake is better suited as a nighttime strain when you don’t have to worry about work or chores. If you are looking for something to wake and bake with or enjoy before a long hike, you may want to consider an energetic sativa or hybrid.

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