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8 Cannabis Experts Reveal Game-Changing Services and Products Consumers Are Missing

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Keeping up with the cannabis industry can feel like trying to keep up with the Kardashians… more of a concept than a reality. So we reached out to eight cannabis experts – from founders and CEOs to marketing agencies, influencers, attorneys, and journalists – to shed some light on the game-changing products, services, and facts that not enough cannabis consumers know about.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

We asked our panel of experts...

What's a game-changing cannabis product, service, or fact that consumers are missing?

Cannabis Brands & Cultivators

Willie's Reserve - Willie Vaping

Jamie Lundy

Laboratory Director with Willie's Reserve

Knowing where the plant material is sourced from and who is processing it makes all the difference.

“First and foremost, you will want to know the company that you are purchasing from. This is where the variables between products really stem from. Knowing where the plant material is sourced from and who is processing it makes all the difference. There are a lot of brands and companies, like Willie’s Reserve, that put quality above all else when it comes to manufactured cannabis products. Like a lot of things, make sure you trust the source.

If you are buying low-end concentrates, this might imply that those extra steps in the process to ensure quality were sacrificed to produce quantity and allow for that lower price point. And just to clarify, lower price does not mean “bad” but it is important to know where your product is coming from.

You can also refer to your budtenders as a resource to know more about what the products have been tested for such as microbials, residual solvent and pesticides – which will now be required as of July 1, 2021. For information like terpene and cannabinoid profiles, make sure to read the labels on the product itself.”

Read the full interview with Jamie Lundy.

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Jamie Lundy has been in the extraction business for 8 years. Passionate about innovation in the science, equipment, and processes, Jamie and Willie’s Reserve are defining the next stage of the cannabis industry by focusing on quality and the best possible consumer experience.

Willie's Reserve

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WYLD Lifestyle Photo

Ben and the Wyld Team

Director of Marketing at Wyld

Consumers are quickly moving past “give me potency” to “give me the right experience”.

“In designing our products, we know great flavor and consistent potency aren’t enough to match consumers’ need for cannabis products that “fit”. By working toward greater education and understanding of all cannabinoids while promoting the opportunity for individuals to find the right product experience we believe we are building a better cannabis community which understands and supports the complexity of each consumer’s relationship with cannabis. Consumers are quickly moving past “give me potency” to “give me the right experience”. Minor cannabinoids are a great way to advance the conversation with consumers toward dialing in the best possible product match.

Two formulations we’ve developed in the last year which are winning with consumers are our Elderberry THC:CBN gummies, and our Pear THC:CBG gummies. For the Elderberry recipe we sought to enhance the relaxing and restful properties of the indica blend found in our well-known Marionberry gummies with the purported sedating effects of CBN. For our Pear gummies, we paired our popular energizing hybrid profile with the synergistic properties of CBG, a cannabinoid which has been noted for the potential to complement THC experiences by aiding with stress reduction and body relief.

When approaching potential benefits of minor cannabinoid consumption, it’s important to note that research is still developing, and as with all cannabinoid use, consumer experiences can vary. That said, Wyld has had huge success with our new formulas which feature lesser known minor cannabinoids, a strong sign that consumers value and appreciate the experiences imparted by these new products. We’re excited to see how the emerging minor cannabinoid market matures, and proud to take a stake in advancing our community culture through education and innovation.”

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Wyld has always been focused on providing cannabinoid education and choices in cannabis consumption. We’ve worked hard to produce an innovative assortment of cannabinoid profiles across our line to meet the unique needs of individual edible consumers. We believe that offering education and choices in cannabinoid content helps address the highly personal needs of cannabis consumers and promotes the opportunity to enjoy Wyld in a variety of formats based on individual goals for physical and mental impact.


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Karin Lazarus - Sweet Mary Jane Founder

Karin Lazarus

Founder of Sweet Mary Jane Bakery

We try to create products that don’t just act as a mechanism for dosing, but rather create a whole social experience for you and your friends to enjoy fully.

“There are two products that I feel Colorado cannabis consumers should know about:

One is our Popcorn! We have been making Caramel Popcorn for 10 years now on the medical side and it has always been a hot seller and just this year we launched three new popcorn skus (Caramel Crunch, Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese, Butter & Sea Salt) in a 10:1 ratio of CBD:THC (100mg CBD : 10mg THC) on the recreational side. Not only do I feel that adding savory products was an important addition to the cannabis industry for folks who are looking for sugar free items or don’t have a sweet tooth, but I also feel that creating approachable and familiar products that are infused is a great introduction to cannabis for those who have never tried it or are cannabis curious.

At Sweet Mary Jane we approach cannabis as an ingredient and not the main attraction. We create REAL foods that satisfy with enjoyable sized portions and responsible THC dosing so you can elevate the everyday! Our popcorn boxes are packed with 3 cups of popcorn so you can enjoy a handful as a novice or enjoy the whole box as a more seasoned user and experience a light and uplifting buzz.

Another product I would like to highlight is our line of THCA tinctures which we produce using high quality infusion oils with all terpenes intact, locally grown CBD, and are infused into organic MCT oil. Our Creature Comfort has been a top selling tincture for almost 5 years now made with a 2:1 ratio of CBD:THCA (200mg CBD and 100mg THC-A). The reason for this products success I believe is two fold:

Because this product is non-psychoactive (ie: it does not produce a head high) it is safe for pet use and we have heard many incredible stories from pet owners citing how this product changed their pets quality of life significantly! This product is also a wonderful option for people who are looking to get the benefits of cannabis but do not want to feel the effects of THC. This could be someone looking for daytime relief while needing to stay functional, those who simply do not like the way THC makes them feel, or those who are looking to incorporate THC-A into their lives for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

We also create THC-A products in higher milligrams on the medical side and have heard from many customers who have experienced the benefits of our Re-Leaf tinctures and were able to cut down on or remove toxic pharmaceuticals from their life because of it.

At Sweet Mary Jane we believe in cannabis medicine and we believe in what this beautiful plant can do for everyone! We work hard to care for our customers, and we are so proud to be a part of this industry! The road to success in cannabis is no doubt a long and arduous one, but to get to where we are now, many brave women have paved the way by never giving up, and a palpable drive to make the world around them a better place by having the vision to create the change that needs to happen.

Being a female entrepreneur in this space and operating a female owned and led company has been such an exciting adventure. Female leadership is important in every industry and this space (and plant) has made room and supported us!”

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Lucienne Bercow and Karin Lazarus are the owners of Sweet Mary Jane Bakery: a family owned and women led company that believes good food can make the world a little better. Based out of Boulder, Colorado and offering a variety of treats baked with THC and non-psychoactive CBD and THCa, there’s a little sweetness for everyone.

Sweet Mary Jane Bakery

Cannabis Marketers & Service Providers


Bess Byers

Founder of Blaise Creative & imcannabess

I don’t want to see the cannabis industry become the next bottled water industry.

“More cannabis consumers should know about Clean Green Certification. As the industry moves forward, we produce more waste while consuming more energy. I believe it’s especially important consumers ask how products are grown. Are they environmentally conscious? Pesticide free? I don’t want to see the cannabis industry become the next bottled water industry, so I hope consumers take steps now to search out Clean Green products for a greener planet.”

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Bess Belleau Byers, known in the industry as Cannabess, founded Blaise Creative to market companies passionate about the plant, consumers and the final product. Bess’s team specializes in strengthening brands through content creation and digital marketing for legal cannabis companies.

Blaise Creative


Jeffrey S Gard | Gard Law Firm

Jeffrey S. Gard

Attorney at Gard Law Firm, LLC

It may seem surprising, but Cannabis remains illegal in the state of Colorado.

“It may seem surprising, but Cannabis remains illegal in the state of Colorado. Except as authorized by statute relating to the cannabis industry, it is still a crime to buy, sell, or cultivate cannabis in Colorado. For example, the sale of cannabis remains a felony, and cultivation of cannabis is still a felony or misdemeanor offense depending on the amount cultivated.

Contrary to popular belief, Colorado Constitutional Amendments 20 and 64 provide only an affirmative defense to criminal prosecution, not a Constitutional right to use, posses and cultivate marijuana. For instance, state authorities brought criminal prosecution for the sale of cannabis against the owners of the dispensary Sweet Leaf for “looping.”

Because of its continued illegality, it is important that marijuana business pay close attention to whether they are in compliance with Colorado cannabis statutes, or else risk prosecution and conviction.”

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Jeffrey S. Gard is widely considered one of the country’s leading cannabis attorneys and regularly teaches other attorneys about the emerging area of cannabis law. Voted Colorado’s Best Law Firm (Best of Boulder, 5280, Colorado Daily CU and Boulder’s Best), Gard Law Firm is dedicated to helping Colorado businesses and citizens comply with Colorado’s cannabis laws.

green events logo

Betsy Mealer

Founder of Calligraphy by Betsy & Green Events Shop

Wedding and event bud bars will soon become mainstream and will one day be the norm, just the same as open alcohol bars at weddings.

“As more states open up to the legalization of recreational use, I realized wedding and event bud bars will soon become mainstream and will one day be the norm, just the same as open alcohol bars at weddings.

I founded Green Events Shop to offer my calligraphy and design services specifically for dispensaries and events, especially since it might be a challenge to reach out to vendors and professionals not knowing if their belief systems align with legalized marijuana use.

My designs range from classic to modern and trendy, incorporating classy cannabis design elements, as well as my calligraphy services. But more than that, I wanted brides & grooms, event planners, budtenders and dispensaries to have a place to go to with open arms for beautiful display signs, product labels, and more.

I also love having a small part of a broader movement in helping erase stigmas and taboos surrounding marijuana use. I’m excited to see what the next few years have in store for cannabis businesses and users alike!”

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Betsy Mealer ( has been a professional calligrapher, immersed in the wedding and event industry, since 2012. Green Events Shop can assist in bringing the event or dispensary designs you envision to life without fear of judgment. If you do not see what you are looking for on Betsy’s website, you can reach out and she can design something unique and special for your business or event!

Green Events Shop

Calligraphy by Betsy

Cannabis Entertainers & Journalists

Windy Borman Headshot

Windy Borman

Executive Producer & Director of "Mary Janes: The Women of Weed"

I wish consumers had a readily available list of all the women-owned cannabis brands they could take with them to a dispensary.

“Cannabis consumers vote with their dollars every time they make a purchase. I wish consumers had a readily available list of all the women-owned cannabis brands they could take with them to a dispensary. That way they could easily support brands founded by womxn, BIPOC, and LGBTQ leaders. And if a dispensary did not carry any products created by and for these communities, they could ask ‘why not’? This would make it much easier to purchase cannabis products that align with your values.”

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Windy Borman, MS is a multi-award-winning director and producer, as well the founder of DVA Productions, a socially conscious production company. She is currently the Executive Producer and Director of the groundbreaking documentary, “Mary Janes: The Women of Weed”.

Most recently Windy directed and produced the 10-time award-winning documentary, “The Eyes of Thailand”, narrated by Ashley Judd; and produced “The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia”, which premiered at Sundance and on HBO. Other credits include producing and directing “The Vagina Monologues,” producing performances for Margaret Cho and Dr. Maya Angelou, and writing for and IndieWire: Women and Hollywood.

From 2003-2005 Ms. Borman dedicated two years to Teach For America, where she taught middle school drama and dance in the South Bronx. She founded DVA Productions in 2006 to use her gift of storytelling to create cinematic and immersive experiences that promote peace, justice, and equality.

Mary Janes: The Women of Weed

Rooster Logo

Will Brendza

Reporter at Rooster Magazine

The Rooster’s ‘THC Classic’ and ‘7/10 Showdown’ are great guides to finding Colorado’s dankest strains and products. 

“The Rooster’s ‘THC Classic’ and ‘7/10 Showdown’ are great guides to finding Colorado’s dankest strains and products. The best cannabis companies in the state submit their finest strains and the products they’re most proud of. All of which go into Rooster’s “Finest Bud’s Book” and onto the “7/10 Showdown poster” respectively, for the world to behold! It’s part weed porn, part connoisseur catalogue, part wish-list guide.

Then, after Rooster’s panel of expert judges blind test each and every submission, winners are chosen, and announced online and at a rad awards party/concert. Businesses get a spotlight, and consumers get a guide to finding the best cannabis and products anywhere in the state.”

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Rooster Magazine gives you hope that not all journalism comes from the same source or homogenous mentality to make another dollar with repurposed content. They give you an escape from the inevitable and burdensome troubles of life. 

Rooster Magazine